Melting Equipment

A1 Roper

The A1 Roper company designs, manufactures, services and repairs foundry ladles and associated equipment. Cast Metal Services range of A1 Roper ladles includes geared crane ladles (lip and bottom pour), treatment ladles, zero harm ladle, geared and custom ladles. The company also supplies a sub-contract fabrication service.


We are the Australian and New Zealand agents for Whiting EAF (electric arc furnaces) furnaces and ladles. Like all Whiting melting units, the model you buy is tailored to your needs.

Electric arc furnaces offer a number of unique advantages, including:

  • Accurate control of temperature
  • Accurate control of composition of the melt
  • Ability to melt, refine, heat or hold virtually any ferrous and many non-ferrous metals
  • Ability to melt scrap not suitable for other furnaces.

Whiting furnaces also deliver the exclusive advantage of counterbalanced electro-hydraulic electrode controls in place of mechanical devices. This means the electrodes react instantaneously to changes in the furnace and melt.

Used as a holder with other prime melters, Whiting EAF furnaces can increase yield and assure proper pouring temperature, as well as reheat cold metal to make pigging unnecessary.


Cast Metal Services are the agents for A1 Roper foundry ladles. This UK-based company has served the foundry industry for over 90 years. It remains at the forefront of ladle design philosophy and engineering and endorses safe and reliable molten metal management.

Watch this video demonstration of A1 Roper ladles.

Temperature Measuring

Cast Metal Services’ temperature measuring equipment includes a wide range of different immersion sensors, cups and instruments for various applications in foundries. These disposable and non-disposable probes and associated instruments are sophisticated, reliable and easy to use.

Whiting Equipment Canada

Whiting Equipment Canada is a diversified designer and manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment. The company is an acknowledged leader in the specialised fields of metallurgical manufacturing and transportation maintenance gear.