Company History

Cast Metal Services Pty Ltd was established in 1991 by Glenn Pearcy. Glenn’s aim was to provide Queensland’s best technical service supporting melting and moulding consumable sales to the State’s foundry industry.

Early innovations

In its early stages, Cast Metal Services sought out improved quality foundry silica moulding sand from nearby deposits. This sand was successfully introduced to the large Queensland market, offering customers lower unit costs but also important quality benefits. Local industry benefitted further with the company’s introduction of Rand York Minerals SA treble-washed low-turbidity graded chromite sand, as well as developing a local supply of premium foundry bentonite.
Cast Metal Services enabled the local manufacture of other ancillary consumables such as chaplets, chills, nails/sprigs, sand mixer blades and core box vents. Again, these innovations reduced costs to Queensland customers and eliminated the need to hold large stocks due extensive lead time from overseas and interstate sources.
Traded consumable products and agency lines followed - ferro alloys, graphite electrodes, recarburisers and resin binders. Sole agencies were secured for Rio Tinto Sorelmetal, HP Pig Iron and Elkem Foundry Products, Fe Si Mg and Inoculants, and nickel from QLD Nickel.

Further growth

In the late 90’s, Cast Metal Services commenced Queensland manufacture of mould coatings, moulding sand additives, chemical binder catalysts and a large range of specialty manufactured refractories for foundry EAF, induction, HT furnaces and ladles.
The company progressively established branches in NSW, VIC, SA and WA, as well as agents in NZ and export deals to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. In 2007, the Bradken company – Cast Metal Services main customer group - acquired the company to secure the services of its skilled technical personnel and the direct supply of a complete range of foundry consumables.

A fantastic team

Cast Metal Services’ continued success and growth is in no small part due to its dedicated technical sales and support representatives. The company is proud to employ many respected and experienced professionals qualified in metallurgy, methods engineering, foundry sand systems, chemists, refractory/ceramic engineering and patternmaking.

Leading the market

Today, Cast Metal Services proudly retains a major market share of foundry melting and moulding consumables to the Australian foundry industry. The company has also extended its operations overseas - into Malaysia, USA, the UK and via a manufacturing/warehousing facility in Xuzhou China.