After Cast Products

Abrasive Products

Cast Metal Services manufactures a range of abrasives to suit your conditions and requirements. Our manufacturing process includes use of grinding media to remove excess metal fin and flash.

We produce superior quality abrasives that remove more metal, are more economical and cost effective, and are produced at a faster rate.

CMS Paints

For coating your valuable castings your needs the right paint and we understand that painting needs can be highly specialised. Cast Metal Services offers a wide range of standard and specialist paints tailored to your requirements. Variations include colour, wave, fade, scratch and special heat treatment processes.

Gouging Rods

Our gouging rods enable metal removal at fast rates with low power consumption. Ideal for removing steel flashing, feeding system studs, welding defects, excess welds and foundry risers from cast products. These rods are precisely machined and manufactured and are efficient and economical – a great quick cleanup solution.

Welding Products

For welding consumable materials, Cast Metal Services can meet any customer’s specification efficiently and economically. All our welding products meet the minimum specifications while also being cost effective.

Miscellaneous Aftercast Materials

For your general aftercast needs, we also have a range of products not already covered by the other categories.