Melting Products

Graphite Electrodes

Cast Metal Services has sourced the best value graphite electrodes on the market for the electric arc furnace melting process.

We are the sole distributor for Beijing Fangda Carbon in Australia – the largest graphite electrode producer in China and the third-largest in the world.

We choose Fanga electrodes because of their consistently high quality and are backed by excellent technical service for customers, provided either online or in person at the foundry.

Ferro Alloys

Cast Metal Services’ ferro alloy additions for the refinement of metal are of high quality specification and offered at a competitive price.

Our ferro alloy suppliers include Elkem, the world’s largest supplier of ferrosilicon-based special alloys to foundries. Our product range includes Sorelmetal, an iron-carbon alloy of high purity, containing very low concentrations of manganese, phosphorus, sulphur and other undesirable elements.


Our melting fluxes are produced from high purity raw materials and used as a slag forming and/or liquid metal treatment agent in the production of high quality ferrous metals. They’re prescribed specifically to suit your foundry’s particular melting process and application, whether to promote oxidation, de-sulphurise, de-phosphorise or control refractory erosion.


Cast Metal Services sells a range of auxiliary products for use in aftercast.