Moulding & Core Making Products

Feeding Aids

We sell a range of high quality exothermic/insulating sleeves for efficient feeding of iron and steel castings.

Various sizes are available to meet the needs of prefabricated shapes. Low density means minimal loss of heat from risers, and high refractoriness helps prevent metal penetration and fusion, giving a clean riser surface.

Investment Casting

Cast Metal Services supplies a complete catalogue of consumable materials for the investment casting process. These includes waxes, sands and coatings.


Cast Metal Services purchases its resins from the largest resin company in China and can supply you with high quality resin and catalysts at low cost. There is a vast range of products and sizing to choose from, and we can deliver tailor-made system designs to meet your specific needs.

Moulding Ceramics

We offer a comprehensive range of thin-walled and heavy-walled refractory holloware for use in the gating of high integrity castings. Common shapes include pouring bells, straight tubes, elbows, t-pieces and numerous in-gate configurations. However, we also offer the flexibility of manufacturing special shapes on request.

Cast Metal Services’ ceramics components are produced from high alumina raw materials and are characterised by good dimensional accuracy, high refractoriness and resistance to erosion by liquid metals.

Moulding Coatings

Cast Metal Services can deliver you any kind of moulding coating application, whether it’s Sprint-based or water-based. We offer a full range of mould coatings in a water base – including flood, sprayed, brushed and dipped – and in any size and design to fit specific applications. We’ll consult, design and package a moulding coating solution in line with your requirements.

Moulding Sands

If you’ve chosen the cost-efficient option of sand casting, Cast Metal Services has a range of moulding sands from the world’s best suppliers. These include triple-washed Altera sand; high quality chromite sands; Australian-sourced raw zirconium, and high purity triple-washed silica.

Riser Sleeve Products

Cast Metal Services range of riser sleeve products delivers good dimensional accuracy and will solve your shrinkage defects. Many different sizes are available including neck down, pull overs, slotted neck downs and Doms cup.

Auxiliary Materials

Cast Metal Services offers a vast range of auxiliary materials for every moulding and core making need including glues, pastes, chaplets and adhesives.