Refractory Castables

Cast Metal Services are able to offer complete range of refractory castable products to suite all requirements including;-

  • Standard refractory castables
  • Low / Ultra - low cement castables
  • Self-flow castables
  • No Cement castables
  • High Alumina / Chrome castables
  • Alumina / Magnesia castable range of products

Induction Furnace Refractories

Cast Metal Services manufacture and supply all refractory requirements for melting in the induction furnace and these include;-   


Hot Face Dry Rammed Lining: 

We are able to supply a full range of linings including spinel and mullite forming. These products have been specifically developed for melting a variety of metals and some allow for a mixed melting programme. Cast Metal Services induction furnace lining range of products is suitable for melting:

  • All steel grades including high temperature alloys including stainless and duplex steel
  • Iron and its alloys including Ni-hard and Ni-resist
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Aluminium and aluminium alloys

Topping and Spout Material:

These are chemically bonded high strength materials that are compatible with our dry Induction Furnace lining products.


Coil Screed:

High grade fine hydraulic cements are available coil grouting and repairs of grout in service.


Slip Plane Material:

Cast Metal Services can offer mica in sheet or roll form.


Repair Materials:

Fine grained chemically bonded products are available for lining repairs and joint seals.  


Castables for Induction Furnace cast blocks, Lids and Bases: 

Hydraulically bonded range of standard , low cement castables available to suit application.

Basic Monolithic

Cast Metal Services provide the full range of refractory products for use in Electric Arc Furnace melting and this includes ;-

  • Basic ramming mass products for EAF applications
  • Gunning spray repair products for EAF applications

Pre-cast shapes

Cast Metal Services produce full range of Refractory Pre-Cast products with typical products include AOD furnace hoods, launders, EAF Arch’s and door jambs along with heat treatment blocks.


Cast Metal Services Mortars range from very high quality products for joint sealing and slag ingress prevention of refractories that are used in molten metal applications to specialised bricking mortars that are to specific requirements of the customer’s application.


Cast Metal Services have the ability to offer heavy wall or light weight hollowware systems for all applications in the treatment and casting of molten metal.

Refractory bricks

Cast Metal Services are able to provide a very wide range of refractory bricks from insulation brick to front face bricks for high temperature molten metal areas such as Electric Arc Furnace and ladle linings. We are also willing to work with customers to advise on design and problem solving specific areas of application such as slag line or hot zone areas.