Most people I've spoken to say I should use 3/4 inch pvc instead of 1/2 inch, while others say the 1/2 inch pvc would be just fine. $1.99 . Action Machining 18011-.750 3/4 x 1 inch Buttress Transition Nipple. But the biggest reason is that 1/2″ pipe leaves no flexibility for future changes or additions to your sprinkler system. Some of the most reviewed sprinkler fittings are the Orbit In-Ground 1/2-Inch Sprinkler System with Hose Faucet Timer with 76 reviews and the Orbit 2-Zone In-Ground 1/2 in. For example a number 1 (one inch) BSP thread has 11 threads per inch compared to 11.5 threads per inch on NPT. All sprinkler fittings can be shipped to you at home. I'm planning to install a sprinkler system in my front yard (25ft long x 45ft wide). Action Machining 18010-2.0 2" Manifold Male Adapter. Make your trenches at 90 degree angles, PVC pipe will bend a little, but making them as close to 90 degrees as possible is best. If you ever need to add another sprinkler to the pipe you’re screwed. What are the shipping options for sprinkler fittings? Refer to Figure 3 for other K-factors. Sprinkler System with Hose Faucet Timer with 76 reviews. Since the main line is usually fairly long, making it susceptible to water hammer effects, the main is usually sized up at least one pipe size larger than a shorter pipe for the same flow rate. Read about … Would hate buying 3/4 inch pipes when I have the 1/2 inch just sitting there. Wet sprinkler system:The piping in a wet system is filled with ... standard 1/2 inch sprinkler is 5.6. It has a 3/4 female fitting and the sprinkler pipe connecting to it has 3/4" male. About Us offers the highest quality sprinklers, and sprinkler system parts at the lowest internet prices. $10.42 . I have a sprinkler head that is busted. A friend of mine recently gave me a bunch of 1/2 inch pvc pipes. Using 1/2″ pipe means you have to have another size of spare pipe and fittings on hand for repairs. Every 3/4" sprinkler I found (home depot) is WAY overkill, and shoots my lights, awning, trees, neighbors yard (over the fence) with a 25+' high-arcing stream. Example: If you are reducing a 1 inch pipe to a 1/2 inch pipe using a reducing bushing, the reducing bushing has a pressure drop equivalent to a 1 inch pipe that is 7.7 feet long. The body size of the small sprinkler you choose will determine the trench depth, they come in 3, 4, 6 and 12 inch body lengths. We usually stick to the 4 inch size. Sap Integrated Security & It Services Private Limited - Offering Copper Alloy Fire Sprinkler System, 1/2 or 3/4 inch at Rs 350/piece in New Delhi, Delhi. When planning an efficient automatic irrigation system, you must first determine the correct Sprinkler System Design Capacity—how much water is available for residential irrigation.