These clever transducers are actually a "figure-eight" condenser microphone in disguise and they're a snap to "dial in". This is definitely one of its coolest features in my own mind. AKG P170 Review The P170 is a modern condenser microphone well suited to acoustic guitar. The D770 ranked as one of my favorite mics during these tests, it proved to be accurate and very punchy without de-personalizing the actual sound of my guitar. It is useful with instruments (e.g. Get a pair of P170’s and combine it with the P220 which we just covered, and you have the perfect home setup for recording acoustic guitar/vocals. AKG PERCEPTION 170 Professional Instrumental , 7.40 x 3.50 x 11.30... AKG PERCEPTION 170 Professional Instrumental , 7.40 x 3.50 x 11.30 inches, Sliver Blue - 3101H00410. This model reminds me of AKG's famous C414 studio microphone, yet it exhibits a smoother more "even" frequency response which is not so bright in character as the C414. Picks up the saxophone and flute beautifully. This is another "do it all" piece of engineering with all the trimmings such as adjustable gain pads, [0 dB and -10 dB] with more flexibility found in it's bass cut filter switch that starts to slope at 12 dB/octave at 100Hz. This model comes with a few nice little accessories that make it much more versatile too. These babies are very scary and will definitely rock the house down! The light blue anodizing looks cool too. What Kevin had affirmed to me was absolutely the gospel truth as my beloved 000C-16 sounded "spot on" to my ears with little effort and far less hassle in locating the transducer's best sounding placement position. Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2015. Hi, I'm looking at these cheap microphones (CAD E70 & AKG P170) to mic my acoustic guitar. I’ve had a couple Perception LCD’s from AKG since 2005. Rode M5 and AKG P170 are two models of pencil microphones often deployed for choirs and instruments. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Just to whet your appetite, AKG has substantially lowered the prices of many models in their microphone lineup. What hasn't changed is the sound that made it a studio favorite for many situations. I am still digging this model a lot, by FAR my favorite pencil condenser of the bunch. Along with these most welcome price changes come a few clever twists to several of their more popular microphone models that are much more than just cosmetic. They are inexpensive mics that will literally do anything. Affiliate Notice: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. AKG P170. I had this mic as my first stereo pair i don't the tolerance in the manufacturing is good enough to be acceptable as a stereo pair but hey. The Best Drum Mics for Recording New to this model is the PB1000 Presence Boost Adapter that gives you an added 5 dB high-frequency peak when operating in the cardioid mode giving you more brilliance in the 5 to 9 kHz region. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. No alternate production lines here. Retail price will vary if you add any extra capsules with your purchase of this microphone system, however, the C391B comes stock with a CK91 cardioid pattern capsule. Want to have real some fun? The mini-sized C411 series are a real find and definitely a delightful surprise! Complete with adjustable O to-10dB gain pad and bass roll off selectors. Each SM57 actually sounds different than another one and if you take twenty SM-57s and record all of them, you will hear variables in every single one! This mic is not comparable to a Neumann. It offers great sound to every application and is ideal for use as a drum overhead, on acoustic instruments, ensembles, guitars and other string instruments. Still, there are a few differences that set Rode M5 vs AKG P170 apart. I don’t have any experience with the Perception SDC line like the 170 but I do own and like the LDC line. However, the AKG in‑house design work makes these mics stand out from the usual imported models, as they are both visually and constructionally distinctive. As such, it is made for capturing instruments rather than voices. Before, I liked the sound of this model, but is was a bit clumsy. This microphone is also manufactured in Vienna, Austria along with almost all of AKG's products. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste. The D65S is yet another of my new personal favorites, having an on/off switch [this feature alone is very difficult to find on any dynamic mic at ANY price]. The C-1000 S has undergone a complete "makeover" now has a beautiful silver finish, is ergonomically redesigned for your hand's comfort and its battery compartment is now very easily accessed with no fuss or muss. Finally, help and truly great sound has arrived for those of you who regularly play acoustic guitar onstage as your main instrument. Those are feedback generators! AKG's devotion to quality and construction are evident from the smallest details; their bulletproof microphone clips and shock mounts, which are virtually impossible to harm yet are just pure genius in their design(s). For $90 some dollars this is the perfect microphone for use in the pick-up of a small choir or some wind instruments. This condenser microphone worked extremely well when close miking any amp [ Ha, this IS the mic that really dug our Vox Pathfinder, too]. Just recorded an audition CD for a very good flute player using this mic for the first time and wow it sounded great. Other mikes at much higher prices do not perform as well as this mike. If you're looking for a nice condenser mic for a decent price, this is a very good choice for any application, be it live or in the studio.