Even if you get a few "slice and roll" moves in, dont play carelessly and get parried, you'll still get enough bs damage out of the Bandit's Knife … I consider the Bandit's Knife to be better, and here's why. the bandit's knife has an E scaling in Str and an A in Dex when fully upgraded. all the other jobs focus on mainly 2 but strength bandits got 3 and there is no formula for it. But since you're going for maximum backstabbing damage, a Rapier is actually the best choice. Had my worst win % of almost any build I've ever done using it. A Bandits Knife with DMB, or CMW can be deadly. Bandit's Knife vs Dark Silver Tracer. when you think about it, that is a hassle. Which is the better of the two? the thief dagger/bandits knife are by far the BEST daggers in the game. i found when i played a str bandit that they were good with swords cuz of the str then daggers. Well, you're reducing their DPR from 5 (Light Crossbow) to 3 (Dagger). Apparently bandit's works better with quality, dagger better with straight DEX. when a luck bandit used a dagger, it was far much stronger. Priscilla's dagger will utterly destroy Stray Demon with its delicious bleeding, so that alone makes it worth it to me on NG+. thief dagger especially, as on infusion it does more damage than a bandits knife, more poise damage than everything but the black flamestone, and has the vastly supperior moveset of the bandits knife, with the stamina consumption of the basic dagger. I thought that would work for a party of 6 L1 people, where the Sorcerers retreat after one bandit falls, but don't want the party to just keel over and die from Ranged. the problem about strength bandits is making sure 3 different stats are up to date for new armors. Bandit's and regular dagger were the two I was looking at for using on a hypermode build. 07 Mar 2020 06:25 . Corvian's was right out due to no Quickstep. This alone makes it hit harder per swing than the Dark silver Tracer, seeing as it receives bonuses from TWO parameters, not just one. Now frankly.. Now please, before you post, take other people's responses and points of view into consideration, and please respect each others opinions. I know, seems an S scaling should do more, but two bonuses are better than one, right? Next up is its aux effect: Bleed. The sica was a short sword or large dagger of ancient Thracians, Dacians and Illyrians, used in Ancient Rome too, originating in the Halstatt culture.It was originally depicted as a curved sword (see the Zliten mosaic as well as numerous oil lamps) and many examples have been found in what are today Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. Reason being I want a fight to be 2 Dagger bandits, 2 Sorcerer Bandits, and a Bandit captain. How'd you like the tailbone SS? by Shindori on Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:52 am. what idiot wrote this? As for Bandit's knife, it's always pretty cool.