We don’t have space here for a class in microphones, but suffice to say that there are a wide variety of factors that affect a microphone’s effectiveness on various instruments. This large diaphragm condenser from Blue is a fun little choice. I could quickly name 10 different microphones that are great for recording bass drum (SM57 is not one of them) that all sound different. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. Preceding any clever microphone techniques or studio trickery, a killer bass drum sound begins with a truly killer bass drum. Head-to-head Comparison. Get Directions | I hope you find this helpful as you setup for your next drum session! This mic has surprised me. Not to open a can of worms here, but we’ve been getting a variety of questions similar to this one below. Since this mic is too big to be anywhere but outside the drum, you will have to deal more with the sound of the room and bleed from other drums. “I have a Pearl Export bass drum, I’m using a Shure sm57 mic going into a Samson Mixpad 12 (with only a 100hz and high range EQ). To minimize room sound, lower the OH microphones and point them toward the center of the kit. A German dynamic classic. Sometimes moving a mic as little as one centimeter can make a big difference. It has a coated Evans EMAD head for the batter and a Remo smooth white Ambassador resonant head with a 6” mic port. No eq or compression has been added so that we hear only the mic. Find out about Chris' mixing and production experience. What’s more, I hope this encourages you to try different mics for different kick drums to really find the right sound for the session. I’ve left out many potentially important factors, but the four steps listed are always essential things to consider. Like last week, the point is not to show which microphone I think best for recording a bass drum. It tends to sound big and not as focused or “hard” as the 421, D-112, or Beta 52. The 8” size of the subwoofer makes for a gigantic diaphragm and, best of all, it gets tons of sub and low end. I am sure most of you are familiar with the practice of wiring a speaker to make it into a microphone. Consider a high quality parametric where you can specifically tune the response to accentuate what you like about the sound you are getting while de-emphasizing frequencies you don’t like (such as that flappy (subjective audio term #89) midrange you made reference to). Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. With over 28,000 articles and counting, inSync is your FREE resource for breaking news, reviews, demos, interviews, and more. Choosing the Best Thunderbolt Audio Interface on Any Budget, How to Metal Scream Without Hurting Your Voice. This mic is a guitar cabinet mic with a selectable high end roll off/boost (neither is engaged in this example). It has a sound that balances the punch of the 421 with the low end of the beta 52 and retains a good deal of the air in the slap above 10kHz. The only thing I hate about this mic is getting one inside the drum. Mod… Bass drums sound vastly different from kit to kit. I feel this mic sounds “tight” and I use it on small kick drums. Note: your email will NOT be stored by this site or shared in any way, Your Subject You can make a bad sounding instrument sound better through various recording tricks, but you’re far better off starting with good source material. We had to place this mic outside the kick drum and so, like the H3500, you have to pay attention to room noise and drum bleed. This week I figured I would take a similar look at bass drum miking. 4. Learn More. Reach out with questions or to book a remote drum session. I go to this mic a lot. This article will give you some guidelines on close miking a double bass (upright bass, acoustic bass or contra bass).