This recipe shows you how to make delicious truffles using milk chocolate, and gives you topping and decoration ideas too. Chocolate Truffles With crisp chocolate shells and silky soft ganaches inside, our truffles are simply to die for – from elegant champagne truffles and zingy fruit recipes, to mouth-warming alcohol recipes … Chocolate Truffles are the best … Homemade milk chocolate truffles are a great no-bake bite-size treat. Maltesers Chocolate Truffles, Party Gift Box | £6.99 (Was £10.99) - 36% off Maltesers Chocolate Truffles, Party Gift Box Lindt Gold Reindeer Milk Chocolate, Pack of 16 | £40.00 (Was … Its Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles have a long heritage too. Chocolate Heaven coming to your screen! The chocolate truffles … The recipe is a medley of milk chocolate, slightly salted butter, Marc de Champagne (2.3%), and interestingly, a splash of white rum (1.4%). Put the milk chocolate into a medium heatproof bowl. In a pan, heat the cream until steaming then pour over the chocolate.