Repainting a car is a full and time consuming process to take on by hand. Sanding serves multiple purposes, including removing old paint, smoothing scratches and creating a surface for paint to adhere. Auto Paint Prep Sanding on Existing Paint Surfaces. This is because latex will need a rougher surface to make it stick. But the results are peerless and the satisfaction of completing a great paint job is quite a feeling. 5- For Sanding to Prep Surface for Latex Paint. 4.2 out of 5 stars 233. You can apply a coat of conversion primer. ... SPTA Mini Air Angle Sander Grinder Air Random Palm Sander Air Orbital Sander with M6 Backing Plate Car Polisher Sets with 36Pcs Mix Grit 80mm, 50mm, 25mm Sanding Disc Sanding Pads. You need to always make sure that you scuff old paint surfaces before you apply any new paint; not doing this is a huge mistake. "car sander for paint" ... Best Seller in Power Random Orbit Sanders. See and discover other items: paint prep, rust repair, auto body paint supplies., Best Rated in Body Repair Sanders, auto body sanding supplys There's a problem loading this … Sanding a car involves several stages of sanding to get the surface straight, smooth and ready for paint to be applied. Media Blasting. Removing paint from walls can be quite tricky, but with the right equipment, the job can be done quickly and efficiently. Or you can use a fine grain of sandpaper such as 220-grit to rough the surface. Finally, the last and best method for stripping car paint – and the most expensive to get set up to do – is media blasting. How to Sand a Car for Repainting. Most importantly, when dealing with old painted walls you’ll want to choose the right sander for the job so that you can get the clean, polished look you’re going for. “You should be thinking about how to get paint onto a body even as you’re purchasing a car,” Trevor says. ... By 15 he had painted his first car, and by 19 he ran his own successful auto body and paint shop. With the right tools, anyone can follow step-by-step auto sanding instructions for great results. Trevor’s painted several cars that have appeared in Street Machine and most recently was responsible for the top-shelf paint on Peter Fitzpatrick’s Trilogy, Aaron Fitzpatrick’s Datsun 510 and Justin Gardner’s EH. If you plan to put latex paint over oil paint, then you will need to rough the surface of the oil paint first. To make it even more effective, especially if dealing with modern clear coat, use the DA sander to scratch through the surface first, then apply the stripper.