11) Lindy Fralin Blues Special Tele PICKUP SET 2% Overwound Neck w/ Cover Telecaster. The wax potting in the pickup is responsible for eliminating the microphonic noise which usually just destroys all the sound with just one squeak. So, keep reading to find out the best pickup for you. You can play jazz, country music, blues, classic rock, funk, and heavy rock. Only this pickup produces a different and warm sound, which gives the music a soft and soothing touch. There is a pair of Alnico magnets within each device that minimizes interference and offers impeccable response times. Fishman, a tapped solo artist, has created this pickup specifically for the Telecaster guitar. The pickup set is constructed using Alnico-V magnets which have been specially crafted for optimally balanced tones. While all the products discussed above are amazing, if we had to pick one we’ll go with the Seymour Duncan and Jerry Donahue Model. The Texas special pickup uses alnico 5 magnets and a magnet wore that keeps the sound the clear eliminating all the noise from the music. It offers extremely clear sound with bright, warm tones and a wonderful vintage feel. Music is all about experimenting and mixing different sounds and this pickup lets you do that quite easily. This one is for you if you insist on a true Vintage setup, but minimum hum, and a hotter output. The overwound coil on the Quarter Pound pickup gives you a powerful midrange, cutting through the mix without … So, your music will be soft, yet it will have an edge of sharpness in it. As on the one hand, it can be soft and smooth, on the other hand, it can also be much louder and more dynamic with the sounds. What are the Best Telecaster Pickups to Buy? The second telecaster bridge on our list is a genuine Fender American Series Tele Bridge replacement piece. The saddles are fully adjustable and powder-coated for longer durability and higher quality intonation. The Fender Vintage Tele pickup remains to be the most in-demand pickup and has been used by many musicians. It delivers excellent sound quality without the occurrence of noise or interference. 6) DiMarzio Vintage Twang King Pre-Wired Pickup Set for Tele. They determine the output quality that you get from your Telecaster. If you want to have a clear and high-quality sound for your Telecaster, the STL-1 vintage pickup would be the perfect option for you. You will get a soft and smooth sound from your Telecaster. Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele Fender’s own solution to getting Strat-like clarity from a Telecaster neck pickup involves a taller bobbin, alnico V magnets, 42 AWG wire and a nickel silver cover. This product comes pre-wired which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of soldering and wiring. The STL-1 vintage pickup has the most iconic sound on a Telecaster. Telecaster pickups use Alnico magnets which are separated into Alnico-II, Alnico-III, Alnico IV, and Alnico V. These magnets contain aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, the three elements that produce the name “Alnico.”. Here is what happens inside your body when you play a... Flush-mount pole pieces for even string response, Produce increased output, presence & midrange, Alnico 3 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire, Flush-mount pole pieces for string response. The Little 59 pickup works great with both maple and rosewood fingerboards, you can play whatever you want, and the pickup would do all its work with the same level of quality and efficiency. You’re getting a whole lot of quality, top-notch construction, and wonderful, warm sound output all in a budget-friendly price. You will get a precise, warm and rich sound. This is the new EMG T-system pickup which is all ready to mount on your guitar. 12) Seymour Duncan APTL-3JD Jerry Donahue Model Tele Bridge Pickup. The vintage pickup has a very sharp yet clear sound.