Litigation may be unavoidable against an alienating parent, especially the worst kind of parent. 6) Feeding a child insults to use against the other parent. It is usually done by taking some extreme steps such as brainwashing, manipulating, or lying to the child about the other parent. Parental alienation syndrome, a term coined in the 1980s by child psychiatrist Dr. Richard A. Gardner, occurs when one parent attempts to turn the couple's children against the other parent. It’s the application of the program. The adult children of PAS described 32 different parental alienation strategies their parents used. The targeted parent is outraged, bewildered, hurt, and betrayed. Brainwashing is how the alienating parent teaches the child the program of hate. For example, one boy was recruited by his father to say things like “pull your skirt down, you're a whore” or “God will punish you” to his mother. When a parent tries to damage the relationship of the child or children with the other parent, it is called parental alienation. Narcissistic Abuse and Brainwashing, an Invalidating Combination As a child of a Narcissistic parent, you haven’t felt seen, you haven’t been heard, everything was always your fault. As we discussed earlier, we believe parental alienation is a form of child abuse. Parental Alienation occurs over a period of time, when one parent continuously uses a number of brainwashing strategies in an attempt to turn their child totally against the other parent. 7) Taking something that did occur and then using it to alienate a parent. In extreme cases the court may force the child to live with a parent they are alienated from in order to try and give them the opportunity to get to know them and rebuild the relationship. Unlike romantic love, which is directed at one person, hate can be directed against entire individuals or groups, as is the case with racial, political, or gender hatred. It has both short-term and long-term adverse consequences on the child. Posted in Brainwashing - Mind Control Brain washing or indoctrination can last a life time. Tag: Brainwashing a child to hate a parent. In this article you will find real, tangible ways to collect evidence against the alienating parent, who is, in fact, inflicting real emotional abuse on your child. They were also described as using brainwashing techniques such as repetition of negative statements about the targeted parents and black/white thinking. The child has been covertly empowered to disrespect the one parent who is actually trying to … Through psychological manipulation, the alienating parent fosters and encourages rejection of the other parent. It is a campaign by one parent to prevent a close and loving relationship between the child and the other parent by constantly undermining that relationship. This can be done subtly and unintentionally through occasional belittling comments, to active and malicious "brainwashing" with the intent to replace any love the child may have for the other parent with hate. Parental Alienation Strategies Disrupt the Attachment Between Child and Targeted Parent. Our goal is to help our clients prove their cases. As Child Custody Investigators, our main priority is evidence collection.