And so does Evernote. However, the extension also isn’t very compatible with Facebook’s newest website design, which they are slowly putting out of beta, and this can be big issue for somebody who wants to use FB Purity on the newer site. And to plan just the right amount. Then, a call or email comes in, or your boss walks over and you have to switch gears to work on something completely different. A handy tool if you work with people around the globe. v5.8 – 27/02/2018 New Feature: Fast Access by Context Menu. It’s interesting to you. But don’t cry. If you’re … Todobook is very strict about demolishing Facebook’s feed entirely. Some of them are downright ingenious. <<< >>> Any other Chrome extension may conflict with this extension. This tool is great, even if you’re not a student. And don’t keep what you see to yourself. Sometimes it takes brute force to stop the things worth stopping. Momentum will show you something beautiful. It’s a soothing way to start your day. FB Purity is more understanding that there may be certain “important” posts that somebody needs to look at on Facebook, and allows that person to see it. From left-to-right brain tasks all day long. Telefon . Social media usage is more of a problem than ever, so looking into these extensions can really help. Facebook Cover Maker. One big issue is that the Todobook doesn’t discriminate content that well. Enabling Share to Facebook gives you an eye-wateringly easy way to quickly share web content to your Facebook Page, Groups or Messenger – or even tag friends or other brands. We at Wing always sing the praises of various extensions, and below are some more examples! Todd writes long-form copy people read and scroll -versus- stop and leave. There is greater need than ever to regulate your social media use. Nachricht. Fine. It can potentially be your one-stop shop to limiting distracting websites. Three guesses for what this extension does. For blog posts, news articles, videos, and other pieces of inspiration for your upcoming posts or campaign. Von Froot Media, vor 6 Jahren 2 Jahren. Five, 10, 15 tabs now open, scrambled all over your screen. As a Chrome productivity extension, it really is designed to simply stop the user in its tracks when he or she immediately enters Facebook. The absolute lack of a news feed is a powerful tool to remind you that you can’t afford to be distracted. While viewing inspiring, interesting and useful things in between. Open a new tab in your browser. Maybe you don’t need to capture a whole page—just the highlights. The extension will store everything else and autofill fields when you arrive on a login page. Bugfixes and improvements on all scripts. using hashtags to grow your social media following here, (It could be even if you focus solely on social, more tools and resources for creating beautiful social media visuals, See and scroll the images on your new tab, See more about it in a new browser window. Chrome extensions helps us social marketers do things faster, better, while having more fun. All URLs, across all browser tabs, across all browser instances are copied to your clipboard. The MozBar extension makes it simple for people new to SEO. And see this each time you open a new, blank Chrome tab. Improvements on Facebook and minor fixes on all other social media. Learn more about using hashtags to grow your social media following here. That’s it. 5 Chrome Extensions to Regulate Your Social Media Use, How to Relax at Home: Staying Active & Unwinding, post on Google Chrome productivity extensions for time tracking and time management, Making Smart Choices: 7 Tips to Make Effective Decisions, Justin Eastzer of Justin_Tech on Productivity with Smart Homes, 4 Ways Wing can Streamline your Recruiting Process, 4 Steps to Sustaining Resilient Leadership in Your Organization, The 3 Stages of Knowledge Management and How Wing can Help, Learning to Cook Part III: Essential Kitchen Equipment.