Thinking Skills: Problem solving, decision making, job task planning, organizing, and finding information. Every one of us clearly knows that computer skills are a must for every type of job position that related to work at an office. The minimum recommended internet bandwidth speeds for joining Zoom meetings, accessing on-demand curriculum and other online operations is 2.0 Mbps up and down. Computer/laptop manufactured within last 24 months with high-speed internet capability and camera to use applications such as Zoom, Teams, etc. Applications of ICT can be divided under two broad categories. The keyboard, the mouse, and your fingers work together to tell the computer where you want to go for information and to express your thoughts in the documents you create. Computer Use: Using different kinds of computer applications and other related technical tools (using software to create letters, sending emails, operate a computerized cash … Benefits of Computers Benefits of Computers The three main benefits of using computers are : 3 Speed 3 Accuracy 3 Capacity to take large amount of work. Here you will learn what includes basic computer skills list. working of the computer, let us list some of the benefits, applications and limitations of the computer. Without your nimble fingers to give it commands, it will just be something else to clutter your desk. IT and computer skills are an important part of every good resume, job application, CV or cover letter. The first are those largely dependent on traditional telecommunications networks (including the Internet) that enable on-demand communications to provide information tailored to the user’s convenience and needs. Your computer needs you! Computer work at a very high speed and are much faster than humans. 1.