Resistant or Immune. It's typically more disease-resistant than its North American cousin, flowering … fringe tree. This small ornamental tree keeps performing once spring ends. Plants Resistant or Susceptible to Verticillium Wilt. When shopping for drought-tolerant trees, be aware that the choices available are diverse. There are few diseases … Noteworthy traits of the selections below run the gamut from great fall foliage to evergreen foliage to exceptional spring flowering … Disease Tolerant Bushes & Trees. Susceptible. Trees. Prunus spp.. birch. This excellent shade tree is very tolerant of urban conditions. mulberry. Disease tolerant bushes, or shrubs, and trees tolerate the presence of certain pathogens and fungi that kill and damage other plants. Hackberry is a cold-hardy tree; however, it is sensitive to road salt. It is a fast grower that attracts an array of wildlife with its fruit. hawthorn hackberry. 1.5-2′ Bareroot Colorado Blue Spruce for Windbreaks, available from the Arbor Day Foundation Unlike many other spruces, the Colorado blue is tolerant of wind. The bark has a corky appearance that is very ornamental. It is somewhat resistant … beech . ash. It bears red fruits in late summer and wonderful reddish-purple autumn foliage.