very cheap to purchase so I will get some next spring and have a go. All you have to do is put the stem in water which is shallow beneath a rock or gravel and you will see growth within about three weeks. mikedriscoll. i do give it a rinse in the kitchen 1st. You have some good replies here, Grandmage and as I said in my first comment....if still niggled about it a quick appt. (((hugs))), Thanks W.lass, we do not feel ill at all but after having been told about the dangers etc, and yes I have googled it too, I just wondered if Goyers had had any experience/advice at all. If you were a grazing animal it might be more likely? I don't want to panic you...just a precautionary bit of advice. When watercress blooms it should do so with small white flowers. Merry Christmas to my lovely Goy friends. that wouldn't bother me tbh, i like a pond with greenery softening the edges... Website Support, Suggestions, Query's and Feedback, Forum Supporters Section - For more information Click Here, Water Treatment, Protein Skimmers and Filtration, Reverse Osmosis / RO Systems and Usage Talk, The Koi Garden - Landscaping, Pergolas and Ornaments, Pond Gallery (Photos of Members Ponds and Equipment), Koi and Pond Equipment Offered or Wanted for Free, Koi Equipment Manuals and Technical Data Sheets, If this is your first visit, be sure to Trouble is the more you read the more you panic, (well I do ! ) If you are starting out with small 6″ to 8″ long koi, they can reach 2 feet in three years, depending on how much food and how often you feed them. ! Thought you would like to read it, your welcome! water in pond is probably a … Watercress can survive in Zones 4 to 9 , While it can do well in partial shade, it also does well in full sun, at least in the spring. Record the plants in your garden, share your photos, and make like-minded friends. I feel much better now, I knew I would get good advice on here. I am grateful for your comment. The pond that we have been eating copius amounts of watercress from is grown in a top pond with water that flows into a bottom pond of Koi carp. So the trick is to use plants such as watercress that grow quickly and won’t be killed off by the Koi’s eating habits. Grows on You is a community for gardeners. A The amount could range from 150 to 250 gallons per fish. Many thanks. Previous post: We have a little nut tree, nothing did it "bare" !! It is like reading a medical book and you end up with every disease that you read about. at your GP's will soon solve the dilemma for you both. Koi do eat plants, and they are especially gluttonous during the summer months when they eat nearly nonstop. This water then is filtered and pumped back up to the top pond. Please dont worry as I think this is highly unlikely GM but your GP will be able to advise you etc. Thanks friends. Used to grow it as a perennial at my old house. Thanks for your hugs though. I have... vBulletin Improved By vBFoster® (Lite Version), © UltimateScheme, Ltd. Watercress.. don't worry it will invade the entire pond. if the fluke is a fish one then it cant penetrate our body sytems. Since watercress grows in the shallows, … It seems unlikely that your circumstances need you to be overly concerned .. hope this offers some reassurance but as said I m no doctor. If your pond has fish in it, such as koi, they will use your new greenery as a snack. Its growth will extend over the stones quite rapidly, at which point koi and other fish will be able to reach them. there is so much to read about flukes I wish I hadnt looked into it now ! I have a pond with goldfish and koi and am wondering if it would be safe for the fish if I grew some watercress in there, ... i eat the watercress in salads from my pond. I have been very worried about the fact that we could be infected with liver fluke and not know it. I have been very worried about the fact that we could be infected with liver fluke and not know it. Eeeeekk! i do give it a rinse in the kitchen 1st. They are quite host specific. i bought it so that i could eat it. Lol. Help, please, if you know anything about this and could ease my mind. check out the. Also called oxygenators, these plants act as natural filters to help keep your pond in chemical and biological balance, making it more hospitable for fish and less inviting to algae. And you're welcome to the hugs anytime. Could it be infected with ‘liver fluke’ ? Think the warning is to avoid eating wild watercress from fields where they graze.