On Sale. The frequency response of Shure SM 57 is very suitable for snare drums. Shop today! Drum mics woth stands. 1 snare mic. His equipment will be used for recording drums only. Quote: Originally Posted by Arseny tnx for mentioning the Beyerdynamic mics, just found this guy on YT, the mono M160 as overhead sounds nice Hard to get past that snare sound though. Discover amazing local deals on Drum mics for sale Quick & hassle-free shopping with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. Sounds like a bag of ball bearings sitting on a frisbee. 1.2k for drum mics. Drum microphones can make all the difference between a good recording or live performance and a great one. 3 tom mics. He wants to contribute to my alternative rock project and record some drum tracks on his Sonor. 8 mics. Shure SM 57 is widely used for recording snare drum in professional studios and home studios. They allow the drums to sound more realistic, natural, and authentic to a listener. Overhead drum mics play an important part in drum recording. I had a call with an old friend. It’s very durable that won’t break even you accidentally hit it with a drumstick. The purpose of drum overhead mics is to provide a balanced stereo image of the drum set as a whole. It has no problem to handle the loud sound of snare drum due to its high Max SPL. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. No mics, no external preamps so far. Comes with case He only has mic stands, cables and an old mixer Yamaha N12 (8 preamps & audio interface). Get the best deals on Shure Drum Pro Audio Microphones. 2 overhead mics. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. willing to consider trades of drum stuff or Yamaha DXR10 or 12's, Yorkville Paralines selling off a variety of drum mics I don't use anymore, all mics are in good working condition, most are in good cosmetic condition, priced accordingly: Audio Technica AT2020 $100 Audio Technica AT2020 $100 Audix F90 $190 Audix D2 $ 140 Audix D6 $225 Audix D6 $225 Superlux drum set kit $75 3 tom mics, 1 snare mic Pearl Pro Drumkit, Snakeskin wrapped, 5 toms, 2 kick drums, pro rack, mics for the whole kit, heaps of Cymbols, DW Kick Pedals, with case, all good quality, cymbol case, case for mics, lots of extras, its packed away as I not have the space to use or set it up, this setup owes me a lot of Dollars, trade/swap value 5k, I bought all the items new, only used at home. The most important aspect of sound capturing from overhead mics will be the cymbals, as well as room sound and atmosphere. He's far away, I can't send him my mics.