Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John Chords: D, D/C#, Dsus2, Bm, Bb, B11, Em7, Em, A7, C/G, G, Gm, F, Fm7, F#7, E, B, F#m. Elton John – Apr 10, 1970; Tumbleweed Connection – Oct 30, 1970; Madman Across The Water – Nov 5, 1970; Honky Chateau – May 19, 1972; Don’t Shoot Me (I’m Only The Piano Player) – Jan 22, 1973; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Oct 5, 1973; Caribou – Jun 28, 1974; Captain Fantastic (and the Brown Dirt Cowboy) – May 19, 1975 Yellow Brick Road by Elton John / [Verse 1] / Bm E A D When are you gonna come down When are you going to learn G E A should have strayed on the farm Should have listened to my old man Bm E ... Goodbye Yellow Brick Road chords by Elton John. Subject: CRD: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. 7,036 views, added to favorites 446 times. Transcribed by: Raine M. Ekman ( All chords last for 1 bar except for the intro and the part of the chorus that. Author dem537 [a] 42. Difficulty: intermediate. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John.