Now return to the balcony and talk to Impressario. Oh boy, this one's gonna leave a bruise, just hear me out. Opera: Maria and Draco ← Zozo; Magitek Factory → Opera: Maria and Draco. Then when he disappears grab the flowers then go up to the platform on the top floor. Re-enter and the director will let you try again. The Opera Scene and Setzer. ; Meeting the Returners. For Final Fantasy VI Advance on the Game Boy Advance, GameFAQs has 45 guides and walkthroughs. If you sing the wrong part you'll get kicked out of the opera house. If you take too much time doing any of this you'll get kicked out again and will have to start over … The trio will have five minutes to get through a rat-infested maze before it's too late. Dispatch any groups of rats quickly by using attacks that hit all targets (the combination of Sabin's Rising Phoenix and Edgar's Auto Crossbow will destroy everything). Things in Jidoor are mostly the same: everyone still holds the same holier-than-thou attitude, and the shops don't have any new items. Head to the northeastern room and speak to the stage manager located near some switches. Enter and speak to the Impresario, and Locke lays out his plan. Go into the large mansion in north Jidoor and talk to the Impresario. Locke, however, has a clever plan: use Celes, who bears an almost creepy resemblance to Maria, as a decoy. (The bold words are what you need to know to play the game) Oh my hero, Follow his lead; as long as she is positioned front of him, the performance should go smoothly. He will run out, dropping a letter that details the planned abduction of the opera diva, Maria (you should remember her name from your first trip here), by the owner of the world's only airship: a gambler named Setzer. FF6’s cast. FINAL FANTASY VI 100% Achievement Guide. After assembling your party and equipping everyone with Espers, go south to Jidoor. You'll have to follow the instructions from the score. From Albrook head north past Vector and on up to the town of Tzen. FFVI - Walkthrough - Vector Albrook. Tzen … If your characters are equipped with anti-imp and darkness relics these attacks won't pose a problem. Go to Jidoor. From yoshiyukiblade walkthrough.. Party: the party you took to Doma Castle minus Cyan Chests: Genji Glove, Lump of metal, Flame Shld, X-Potion, Ice Shld BOSS: The 3 Dream Stooges, Wrexsoul Espers: Alexandr You start out with one of the three characters in a weird dreamworld. Walkthrough. Ultros will primarily attack with Ink and Tentacle, but has Fire, Mega Volt, and an incredibly annoying Imp Song in his arsenal. Final Fantasy VI - Celes' Opera Lyrics. (Going to Tzen and Maranda is not mandatory, you can go directly to Vector). The Opera House is located on the peninsula south of Jidoor. If you sing the wrong part you'll get kicked out of the opera house. Also equip the Sprint Shoes relic. After finding Terra in Zozo and learning the fate of the Espers, you look for a way to infiltrate the Empire. After a sequence of cutscenes, you'll control Celes in Maria's dressing room. By lylat and 1 collaborators "Hey! Talk to the Impresario. Have Edgar use his Drill, and Ultros should go down in one or two turns. Opera House. Switch 1 makes a sound like a dog barking, an essential feature of any opera facility. When the fight ends, Setzer will show up as planned and grab Celes. Some people might mention an opera-loving gambler, though, so hold onto that info and make your way to the giant mansion to the north. Search barrel next to the Inn for Potion. Originally the brainchild of Gi Nattak, the project has evolved over the years thanks to a dedicated team and other skilled members of the FF6 romhacking community. Below are the complete lyrics to Celes' Opera (from the SNES Version). This is not a BAD scene. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Get back to the auditorium and speak to the Impresario. The Opera House Make sure to save your game before you walk inside -- just to be safe. The Impresario is still a mess; Setzer is coming to steal the star of his show, which will ruin the whole thing. Talk to the Impressario to get Celes to take Maria's place and prepare for the opera house sequence. The Playstation version is similar to the Super Famicom version, with minor differences. After a cut scene, the opera will begin. Return of the Dark Sorcerer is an incredibly large fan-made Final Fantasy 6 modification that’s been in development since around 2010. FFVI - Walkthrough - WoR Part 4 Cyan's Soul. Inside, you'll discover a man called Impresario, who is a frantic mess. ; Party Member Mechanics – Learn the ins and outs of your the special Character Abilities available to you. When you have control again, leave the auditorium and navigate to the dressing room. Final Fantasy 6 is a long, sometimes arduous game that is split into two parts: the World of Balance (WoB), and the World of Ruin (WoR). Ultros is hanging out in the rafters over the stage, ready to drop a heavy weight directly on Celes' head. This guide will walkthrough each area noting all treasure and bestiary that you should be getting to assure yourself that NOTHING is missed. Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough. Written by Djibriel. Funny! Dispatch him quickly by using a mix of physical attacks, and Tools. Mess it up more than three times and it's a nice, fat, GAME OVER.