GOTOH 201 Bridge Posted by Mike Fev on Oct 11, 2018 This bridge is a great replacement for any similar shaped original part, the fact that it comes in all the possible finishes is a huge bonus, it is performing perfectly in its new home and the price is totally great!! Bass bridge - Gotoh® 201 bass bridge - 57mm string spacing Gotoh Bass Bridge(201B-4), with Screws 2-1/4" String Spacing Plate - 3-5/32" x 2-3/32" – Allparts UK Gotoh 201 bass bridge review Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by darkstorm, Sep 25, 2010. ); plays out of tune. The added mass of the bridge goes a long way to increase your bass's sustain, tone, and attack. All screw holes lined up, easy to intonate and set string action and radius to match Fender specs. Problem solved. A superior bass bridge that offers longer sustain and improved tone, the Gotoh features additional weight, increased height adjustments, and grooved saddle paths so you can fine tune your sound. This bridge will make a huge difference in my bass's sound when compared to original stamped steel plate style bridge. Answer: Gotoh Standard Bass bridge. Decided to go ahead and replace my warlocks stock chrome bridge with a black one for asthetics. Was a little bit of a hassle fitting it on. Easy to install, this bridge will fit most standard Fender 4 string bass mounting holes. Oct 13, 2009. Sep 25, 2010 #1. darkstorm. ! Problem: 1967 P-Bass with a Gibson Explorer Bass bridge(!