Advantages Of Guerilla Marketing For A Small Business. Guerilla marketing connects with your customers ways that TV commercials or magazine ads simply can’t. There are many examples of guerrilla marketing tactics, but it’s important to remember that all these tactics should be used as a part of a marketing strategy. One area that small businesses should seek to maximize is guerrilla marketing tactics. Sending creative messages The importance of Guerilla Marketing is not only the aesthetics and appeal of the design but the concept behind the idea. A small business is now able to be part of a consumer’s everyday life. Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.. Guerrilla marketing is all about using unconventional strategies to […] It is very important for a small business to come up with the best possible results, which basically means the highest possible profit. Guerrilla marketing is all about high-impact, low-cost marketing strategies. Time, energy and imagination replace big budgets and expensive advertising campaigns. In this guest post, CPA and small business consultant Veronica Wasek presents compelling marketing tips for small businesses. 1. It was introduced or popularized by Jay Conrad Levinson’s in the 1980’s. To get a better context of guerrilla marketing, let’s take a look at several guerrilla marketing examples from big and small brands. Guerrilla marketing tactics are forms of promotions that rely more on time, energy, and imagination rather than using a big marketing budget to attract brand awareness and the attention of customers. Guerilla Marketing should surprise consumers, create a memorable impression and create a large amount of social buzz. About Guerrilla Marketing or Little Known Facts. Obviously, the most important advantage is the one that you already figured out: really low costs. Guerrilla Marketing is a creative marketing strategies used by most of the brands and small businesses around the globe to advertise its product unconventionally. The original term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book ‘Guerrilla Advertising’.The term guerrilla marketing was inspired by guerrilla warfare which is a form of irregular warfare and relates to the small tactic strategies used by armed civilians. Most small businesses have a limited marketing budget, especially with promotional activities. While social media and digital media can be great tools to connect with your audience, guerilla marketing is a physical and authentic way to connect with your customers. 5 guerrilla marketing examples to inspire your small business. Businesses need to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, and companies continue to boost their marketing budget to be prominent.