There is a highest paying travel company but if you compare them to a high paying local agency you will be surprised that your take home $$$ will be higher with local agency. These agencies may have bulk purchasing power because they staff so many travel nurses in the area in question. LPN / Travel LPN Jobs. We could tell you all about our experience, but we think it’s best to let the work speak for itself. You will be paid a taxable hourly rate and then given a tax-free stipend for food and housing. Having called on hundreds of agencies over the years for marketing purposes, we’ve found that agencies in lower cost regions are much more likely to have specialized personal. As long you provide the specific details they need to run an accurate rate quote, then they should have no problem providing one. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to definitively determine THE highest paying agency. The location of the agency is one possible scenario. Fastaff© 2020 - All rights reserved | Privacy | Terms of Use | Sitemap, Fastaff Travel Nursing is an equal opportunity employer. For example, they’re more likely to have a VP of Marketing as well as a Director of Marketing and several other specialized positions. And if they’re able to provide these items for less, then their costs are lower and they have more money to pay the travel nurse. It was an eye opener. Second, you can use our tips for finding travel nursing agencies that work in your desired locations to hunt down small to mid-sized agencies with contracts in your desired locations. Understanding how this plays out is a little more complex than it sounds, but understanding the issues at play can help you find higher paying agencies. Now, it’s also possible for one agency to pay more than others when the bill rates are the same. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to definitively determine THE highest paying agency. So if one agency is paying less for these post gross profit costs, then they could theoretically operate on a lower gross profit margin than their competitors. It’s also possible for smaller and mid-sized agencies be able to secure direct contracts with small rural hospitals or smaller regional hospitals systems in their general geographic location. In more expensive regions, there is typically a CEO and a bunch of recruiters. For example, if you’re planning on taking an assignment in California, then you should be aware that Kaiser, Sutter, and Dignity Health employ tons of travelers between them as the largest hospital organizations in the state. An MSP is a type of Vendor Management Service in which one staffing agency holds an exclusive contract with a hospital or hospital system and subcontracts with other agencies to help get all the orders filled. Pay packages will always look different depending on the area you are working. There are over 278 lpn travel contract careers waiting for you to apply! In this case, obviously, one agency simply takes less for themselves and gives more to the traveler. The low-stress way to find your next lpn travel contract job opportunity is on SimplyHired. You can also look at agency websites for their physical addresses. With hundreds of agencies operating throughout the United States, many travel nurses wonder if there is a highest paying travel nursing agency. Earn what you deserve as a traveling registered nurse with Fastaff Travel Nursing’s highest … If so, can you please provide a quote for a 13 week assignment with 36 hours per week providing a Lodging Stipend, M&IE Stipend, Travel Stipend, and Medical Benefits? Bill rates also vary between agencies when there is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). After all, great pay is one of the many advantages that agencies tout about their services. Favorite Healthcare Staffing is looking for an experienced Corrections Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) for a travel contract in Fresno, CA ! For example, one popular Vendor Management System called Medefis, includes a bill rate bidding feature. Another common scenario in which this plays out is with agencies staffing jobs in their local area. So the travelers’s compensation package and all associated costs make up the lion’s share of pre gross profit costs. A team member will be in touch with you soon. Agencies will usually jump at the opportunity to sell you on their best gigs. How does the pay work? All other endeavors are split among the team or viewed as unnecessary. You can also ask if there are certain hospitals that offer the best pay. Gross profit is essentially what is left over after all of the costs directly attributable to the traveler are accounted for. And no company is going to advertise that their rates are average or poor. Or they may just have special relationships with providers of the various goods and services in their area. The MSP agency typically charges a billing fee to the subcontractors of anywhere from 2%-4% of the bill rate. And you can use BluePipes to manage your own submission profile so it’s ready to go when you need it. You will be paid a taxable hourly rate and then given a tax-free stipend for food and housing. Apply to Licensed Practical Nurse, Travel Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse and more! Of course, your recruiter may decline in which case you’ll just have to let them know the rate you’d be willing to work for so they can bid appropriately, or find a new recruiter. It’s important to be specific. The second possible scenario under which an agency may pay more than their competitors for the same assignment is when the agency maintains lower overhead which allows them to take a lower gross profit. Two examples that come to mind are Trinity Healthcare Staffing in the Carolinas and Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc. in Wisconsin. Fastaff Offers the Highest Paying Jobs: Earn up to $3,640/wk. Licensed practical nurses who decide to take on travel jobs get the luxury to explore the country, earn incredible money, get all-expenses paid, and gain ample opportunities to continue their education. Then, contact them and ask them where their highest paying assignments are. But if your average bill rate is $65 per hour, then you’re making $13 per hour. A most excellent and informative article. After all, great pay is one of the many advantages that agencies tout about their services. This means that agencies in lower cost of living areas could have a larger percentage of contracts with lower bill rates and vice-versa. One example that comes to mind is Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc in Wisconsin. They are able to do this because they are volume purchasers of the benefits that comprise the pay package. Typically, nurses will take around $20 per hour taxable to maximize those stipends, but we are able to mix and match pay a number of different ways. Theoretically, more qualified candidates would command higher pay. Of course, this type of system is designed to get agencies to bid competitively, so rates tend to get driven down, not up. Helpful recruiters who are confident in their pay packages will most certainly respond. There is usually premium price added for short term rentals. Travel Nursing featured destinations. Moreover, smaller to mid-sized agencies tend to work more with hospitals in their general vicinity and hospitals tend to have bill rates commensurate with the cost of living in the area. This assignment is for 8 weeks and ideal candidates will ... Report job. 278 lpn travel contract jobs available. The cost of office space is cheaper and recruiters and other support staff could be paid less money because the cost of living is lower.