Sow basil seed successionally from spring to summer so you have a continuous crop. Basil is, in a nutshell, the most perfect herb. Know, however, that if you live in a cold-weather region and you'd love to grow basil, you will need to take some precautions. Harvest the leaves individually rather than chopping the plant with scissors, as this will enable new leaves to grow. If your Thai basil gets rootbound for a long period of time, it might eventually die. Pot on into individual pots when plants are big enough to handle. Water sparingly – basil hates to sit in wet compost. Rain is fine, but don't spray the leaves, just add water to the dirt. And that’s it! While it can grow as a perennial in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and higher, it also thrives in warm weather in all zones after the last frost date. ANSWER Basal cell carcinoma usually grows very slowly and often doesn't show up for many years, usually after intense or long-term exposure to the sun. I generously sprinkle it over caprese salads, add it whole-leaf into spicy Thai soups, muddle it into Bloody Marys, and make sweet basil syrup for my sliced summer strawberries.And don’t even get me started about how liberally I toss freshly chopped basil on my pizza; I know I’m not alone here. Basil seedlings. Let’s look at how to grow basil indoors. How to sow basil seed. In fall you may not have any choice but to transplant large plants from the garden, but it is better to start fresh with a small plant if possible. In this instance, transplanting your plant to a wider pot is crucial. Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) offers backyard gardeners lush foliage as well as exotic flavors for salads, pasta dishes and soups. Especially for summer. This wonderfully fragrant herb can be grown for use in the kitchen, making aromatic oils, or simply for aesthetic purposes. Growing basil indoors is easy. Basil Growing Indoors. My first year I learned something very important. Growth will not be as robust, nor will the flavor be as good, but it is definitely better than having no fresh basil at all. How does basal cell carcinoma grow? Container grown basil should be planted in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. So, if the pot isn’t big enough, at some point your plant’s roots will bump into the wall of the container. I grow basil in an old recycling bin with free compost from our city. Basil does not like it's leaves watered. Basil is difficult to grow indoors, but if you have a sunny window, you can give it a try. Basil can grow in zones 2 to 11. In fact, you can grow basil inside much the same as you would in the garden. How to grow basil. Thai basil’s roots grow almost at the same rate as its leaves and stems do. After that, my basil has grown faster than I can use.