Keep in mind that the pump itself will also be generating heat, so proceed accordingly. Make sure the roots are remaining as healthy as ever. I'm using the 3 foot box also and even upgraded to the quasar led light, but my yield is very small. Happy growing. every 8 hours, and for 12 hour flower every 4 hours. so far seven of those seeds did not germinate . Amount of light: 100%Light distance from plants: 20 inchesLight duration: 12 hours per dayTemperature day/night: 79/67Humidity: 60%pH level: 5.8TDS/EC: 1050/2.1 (FP Bloom). That involves pinching the stem between your thumb and index finger and bending gently to help strengthen the stem. Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer is the product specifically used in this schedule, but anything with lots of nitrogen should be fine. Timing of watering events is determined by how liong it takes for the medium to dry out after a watering. Is it possible to grow this much in my box hydrophonically?? The process of adjusting a feed chart doesn’t have to be complicated. What is the easiest and cheapest way to get started. By only relying on the recommendations provided by the nutrient bottle, a grower may find they are using a solution that is too strong for their plants to handle, which can result in irreparable damage. Your plants will be quite small during this phase, and they will be adjusting to the amount of light. We only water during lights on, which you seem to understand. I have been growing for years and there is no way they got a lbs out of them small plants. Hi guy. I have used your auto flower and non autoflower seeds with the same results. i.e. How much do you yield on average? While this is beneficial, these can always be changed or altered to suit the needs of the garden better. During the 7th week the PH was at 5.5, you shocked the plant. This information is especially important for hydroponic gardens, where a grower has total control over the nutrients. However, the nutrient schedule that comes with the series is a little strong for most strains of weed and should be considered the maximum amount of nutrients. Yet, you say to use 1/4 at first. I have one sprouting and would like to learn how. Thank you for all this wealth of information. You would not drop ph until week 5 in flower only and add .1 each week until back at 5.8 i.e. and That was nice but This is a great growing journal and gives a lot of info, jus one question, how big was the grow tant you used, and what was exact distance of the gap between the plants? It’s necessary to add a quarter of a teaspoon of Epsom salts during every feeding. Happy growing. Hi ilgm team I read this article on hydro and soil , I think you are clever people with horticulture , well done . Be sure you still have a fan going to spread out the fresh air, and make sure that the buckets have enough water in them at all times. Please keep in mind once the flower drys, it is only one quarter of the weight when wet. With a PPM reader, a person can easily and accurately measure the nutrients that go into the plants. Dont know why my buds are so anemic and small. This is more like sell pitch to me. Rinsed with 2.5L PH'd RO - took it to […]. 9 hours is too long not to run the pumps. Happy growing, I just harvested my black widow and I'm using a 300 W LED Full spectrum white light I took it all the way from seed to harvest with the 300watt light, And how many lumens are required per light? I ordered 10 seeds and got 20 . After determining whether to grow girl scout cookie seeds or sour disel seeds this year, absolutely devote some time to making your hydroponic system the best that it can be. Plants looking […]. If they are constantly being blown by a fan, they will develop stronger stems (which leads to better overall health). You would not drop ph until week 5 in flower only and add .1 each week until back at 5.8 i.e. A helpful tool that is used for any diligent and dedicated cannabis cultivator is a feed chart. also does the tent need outside air and or how much and can i prefilter that air with a carbon filter, perry, You do not flush between nutrient top off. I understand that tds is total desolved Solid. Germinate your seeds in rock wool cubes so you can transplant them easily to your hydro system. Therefore, make sure your fertilizer of choice has a lot of nitrogen. thanks, I see more like 4 oz, not a lbs. Of course I'm still learning from and with my plants and trying to get better at it. If the tips of the leaves are starting to brown, the TDS levels might be too high (meaning your plants are experiencing nutrient burn). Good read well explaned absolutely no confusion at all well put totally understood. Hydroponic Grow Schedule: Week 1 veg; Week 2 veg; Week 1 flower; Week 2 flower; Week 3 flower; Week 4 flower; Week 5 flower; Week 6 flower; Week 7 flower; Week 8 flower; Week 9 flower That makes them a robust and complete nutrient source suitable for … Also i was thinking about doin your online course but im wondering how does it work with my nutes cuz i dont use the nutes u hav for […]. And read my article “How to germinate marijuana seeds” for more information about germinating seeds. Some of the most significant benefits offered by a drain-to-waste system include: However, with the drain-to-waste system, the nutrients left in the runoff are wasted. We can help you much better dealing with a small […], John, I recommend you join our support forum where we have many helpful growers willing to share knowledge with you. Amount of light: 100% (600-watt HPS)Light distance: 20 inchesLight duration: 12 hours per dayTemperature day/night: 77/65Humidity: 70%pH: 5.8TDS/EC: 850/1.7. Hi Ike, these kinds of questions are best suited for the support forum. The buds are likely looking quite large at this point, which means your plants are going to start needing potassium more than any other nutrient now. You can add as much as the original volumn. Aim your fan between the lamp and your plants, allowing the heat to be spread throughout the room rather than concentrated in one spot. More about harvesting in my article “When to harvest marijuana plants”. The added nutrients may help to increase the yield of the plant, enhance the flavor and aroma, and result in extra growth. I would suggest 70 as maximum temperature and a few degrees lower would be better. Visit the ILGM seed shop, Amount of light: 100%Light distance from plants: 20 inchesLight duration: 12 hours per dayTemperature day/night: 80/67 degrees FahrenheitHumidity: 50%pH level: 5.5TDS/EC: 1300/2.4 (FP Bloom + FP Boost). As far as water temperature. Please leave your thoughts. Amount of light: 100%Light distance from plants: 20 inchesLight duration: 12 hours per dayTemperature day/night: 80/67Humidity: 50%pH level: 5.5TDS/EC: 1150/2.3. Hi guy. 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 until harvest. The more white this layer is, the healthier it is. The main thing you need to worry about is mold and leaf discoloration. Since i'm a newbie to growing and I started to learn hydro, the information and handbooks you provided have been great. Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants (cannabis or otherwise) using a water-based system that is coupled with other nutrients. and That was nice but so far seven of those seeds did not germinate . And how often should u feed a day? Our team wishes you the best success in manifesting a bountiful crop with the advice provided by our comprehensive Cannabis Growers Guide. I have a Ebb and Flow system and was wondering if you have a schedule for feeding. Great info! So 15 minutes on, 45 off, and vary from there according to how the plant reacts. I am guesstimating more that a pound for one plant! Adjust accordingly as often as necessary (every two days, for example). Tip: make sure to download my free Grow Bible for more information. What does EC stand for??? Be sure the TDS level is a bit lower, as that will allow your plants to use up the rest of the nutrients and will clear the way for clean, chemical-free plants once you harvest them. Perhaps you might look into our support forum. A 5 gallon bucket holds about 4 gallons allowing the netpot to be just at water level. I have a plant now 13 feet in diameter and only 3 feet high. But what to do with leaves? i.e. In hydro you need to keep PH at 5.8 His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more], Your email address will not be published. You can only top off as much as original […], Maria, Please keep in […]. I'm in Australia with 4 single buckets going its and daily I have to make sure the ph n ppms are on point need to link them […]. In general; I usually tell growers to run pump on 15 minutes of each hour. :), Environment can make a big difference. Recirculating the solution may allow undesirable pathogens to spread from one plant to another. great reading when you refer to 1st & 2nd week of vegetative phase does it starts about 4 weeks after the seed germinates and when cloning the veggie state you would start counting the weeks right after you established a […]. Make sure your leaves aren’t discolored, and the roots are white or off white. Well Robert, you made my day because i saw in the pictures how to completely run the system!