The Lake does not […] People in some Asia countries, like China, Korea and Vietnam, believe that dragon is the most powerful creature living on the earth. It has been nicknamed the “Galápagos of Russia,” such is its ecological importance, while there’s also the possibility of glimpsing UFOs or maybe the sturgeon-like Lake Baikal Monster on its shores. Baikal Mystery offers guided tours to Lake Baikal. Initially these were covered-up by the authorities of the USSR, but later they were revealed by … This is not surprising. The seals of Lake Baikal are a mystery (Photo: Getty) Lake Baikal, near Russia’s border with Mongolia, is, by volume, the biggest body of fresh water on Earth. Seals native to Siberia’s Lake Baikal have been found to have a remarkable adaptation in their teeth that has allowed them to prosper even in the face of limited nutrient offerings. Baikal's high biodiversity includes over 3,600 plant and animal species, most of which are endemic to the lake. Since ancient times, the vast Lake Baikal has been known as deeply mysterious, but in the closing years of the Soviet era, and since, it has been the location of a number of alleged sightings of aliens and UFOs. 565 likes. Situated in Southern Siberia is where Lake Baikal hides its secrets. Over the past several years, however, the lake, a major international tourist attraction, has been crippled by a series of detrimental phenomena, some of which remain a mystery … At 1.6km, it is also the deepest. Mystery of Siberian freshwater seal food choice solved. Released on November 17, 2020 (in Japanese) Posted on November 27, 2020 The lake is considered to be the deepest one in the world and it is the most voluminous fresh water lake in the world. As it close to China, one mystery that surrounds the lake is related to dragon. Lake Baikal's ice attire, its beauty, transparency and majestic symphony of “ice music” make it very attractive for every onlooker. The ice of the lake can get as thick as 150 cm, which allows people to ice-skate on it and drive over it to places on the opposite shore. They believe that there are four dragons which live in four seas. Travel with us, rest with us, explore with us! Baikal Mystery, Irkutsk, Russia. Baikal is a unique lake on our planet. Beauty, mystery, history and more than a little oddness – Lake Baikal has it all. Lake Baikal monster … There are still many mysteries in the depths of Lake Baikal.