Maybe the most amazing pancakes I’ve ever had. Thanks again! Do you think Steel Cut oatmeal would work for this or is it just for regular oatmeal? These third party advertisers may gather information from your use of this site. Meanwhile, slices the leftover oatmeal into approximately 1/2″ thick slices. It would be easy to make these gluten free by adding gluten free pancake mix or all purpose baking mix instead of the flour. (We do breakfast for dinner quite often) They were a HUGE hit! Thanks for this recipe! Now it’s about 3-4 times a week. The ratio is 1 cup cooked oats to 1 egg. Cook for 4-5 minutes on each side, flip with a spatula. You could also try a more savory topping like an egg, some scallions, and a little cheese. If you don’t cook them long enough, they will fall apart (they’ll still be just as yummy!). Also yummy with yogurt, applesauce and cinnamon. We are a Gfree/Dairy free family.I used GF Regular flour instead of GF Pancake mix so I kept the baking powder in. He made the batter all by himself and is now excited about having left over oatmeal=). Pinch of sea salt Preparation: Melt 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil or ghee in a large pan on medium-high heat. This may be a stupid question but I never really eat oatmeal, so I should just add water to dry quaker oats and use that or should I buy instant oatmeal, prepare, and use that? It is really a recipe for using leftover cooked oatmeal when you make extra. So, if you have more than 2 cups of oatmeal leftover, just increase the eggs. !0 thanks for SOMETHING to do with all that leftover oatmeal!!! Since she wont eat it for to meals back to back, we do end up with a lot of leftover oatmeal. These were exactly how i have always wanted them to taste. I can’t really taste the oatmeal at all. I wonder if maybe the baking powder was not mixed well in the dry ingredients. Cinnamon. Combine dry ingredients (first four) in a large bowl. So glad you like it Betsy! I’m wondering how many pancakes this recipe makes. Serve with butter, a little maple syrup, and berries. 2 cups white flour (or 1 cup wheat + 1 cup white)* 1/2 cup brown sugar. Cook until bubbles begin to form on top, turn and brown the other side. 2 cups cooked steel-cut oatmeal (*see note) 2 eggs, whisked. 1 cup leftover oatmeal ( I have used up to 2 cups successfully by adding a little water to thin the batter.) They’re tender and fluffy, not heavy. They are nutty, delicious, and wholesome. If you’re trying to avoid bread, but still are eating grains, try using an oatmeal pancake to make an open faced sandwich of sort. Whisk the dry ingredients (oat flour, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt) together in a large bowl. baking powder. When the butter’s all melted, pour it into the batter. 🙂. Can you really taste the oatmeal or is it subtle due to being mixed in with the other ingredients? Just found your recipe from a Pinterest search. Mix remaining ingredients - cooked oats, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt in a medium bow until well combined., $75 Grocery Budget Meal Plan (& grocery haul), Stress Free Holidays: 10 Minute Holiday Missions, 2 cups white flour (or 1 cup wheat + 1 cup white), 1 cup leftover oatmeal ( I have used up to 2 cups successfully by adding a little water to thin the batter.). 4 tsp. Combine the two mixtures and blend until smooth. ), (adapted from Eat Well For $50 A Week by Rhonda Barfield), 2 cups white flour (or 1 cup wheat + 1 cup white)*, 1 cup leftover oatmeal ( I have used up to 2 cups successfully by adding a little water to thin the batter.