Source: Shandrew. If I was ever asked by someone for a recommendation for the best variety of loquat tree to plant, out of those three named varieties, I would pick McBeth. I planted it hoping to extend the loquat season beyond the Big Jim harvest, but. Fruit is great for eating fresh or … When ripe the fruit develops a distinctive color, depending on the cultivar, and begins to soften. The loquat has been cultivated for over 1,000 years in its native China and elsewhere in Asia. With the aim of obtaining a reliable harvest index valid for the whole picking season, we have studied in ‘Algerie’, the most important loquat cultivar in Spain, the changes along the season in different parameters linked to fruit ripening and quality in four consecutive seasons. In Florida fruit ripens in late February-March. Loquat 'Gold Nugget' has extra large sweet fruit. I do recall Gold Nugget fruit being a bit more rounded. Very cold hardy fruit tree, easy to grow, drought tolerant, fast growing. The seventh annual Florida Loquat Festival is fast approaching. It was introduced to Florida by the end of the nineteenth century and has thrived here ever since. Here is a beautiful ripe cluster of fruit from Friendship Farms in New Port Richey. 1 of 6 Loquat trees will be for sale at Urban Harvest's Tree Sale. Loquat (Japanese plum or Japanese medlar) is probably one of the more familiar of all tropical fruit plants in Texas, although few people outside of south Texas have only rarely grown the fruit. However, it’s more commonly kept in the 10 to 15 foot range by commercial growers for ease in maintenance and harvesting. The plant is extremely cold hardy and is commonly grown as an ornamental from north Texas to the Valley. Photo: Urban Harvest, Contributor / Urban Harvest 2 of 6 Loquat Custard Tart Photo: Paul Stephen / Staff They reach maturity in about 90 days from full flower opening. Harvest Season Arrives. Unripe fruits do not ripen properly off the tree and are excessively acid. With an average top height of 30 feet, it can become a sizeable evergreen tree. Loquat, a fruit tree native that grows well in the Mediterranean climate of Northern California, is back in season. Fruit are large size, yellow orange flesh, mildly sweet with very small seed inside. Here Comes The 2020 Festival. Harvest: Loquat fruits should be allowed to ripen fully before harvesting. White, fragrant flowers bloom October through February, and the yellow, fuzzy fruit is ready for harvest in early spring. Loquat tree with fruit.