Peacock spiders . 2. What is a peacock spiders diet? The Guardian. These Australian jumping spiders may be small, but they are also the most spectacular, colourful and high energy spiders in the world. In mating, the female may eat the male. The main diet - insects. The two central front eyes of the jumping spider are much more advanced – large, fronted by spherical lenses, with an internal focussing mechanism and complex four layered retina. An illustrated review of the known peacock spiders of the genus Maratus from Australia, with description of a new species (Araneae: Salticidae: Euophryinae). The extraordinary courtship dance of Australia’s peacock spider. It even attacks those specimens that are several times larger than a hunter in size. Peacock spiders. In captivity, peacocks are generally fed a more controlled diet, but it consists of items similar to what is found in their natural habitat. Two New Species of Peacock Spiders Discovered in Australia. Diet of the Peacock Wild peacocks wander through the underbrush in search of food. Size: All the species of this genus are small-sized, being 4mm to 5mm (0.15 inches to 0.20 inches) long. They are omnivores, and feed on a variety of insects, seeds, grains, small mammals, flowers, fruits, berries, and … Madeline B. Girard. The Peacock Spider is also known as the Gliding Spider and just happens to be a type of jumping spider The unique colouring of these arachnids are quite spectacular (also the reason for their common name), however, it is only the males that possess this colourful beauty What is a peacock spider? Physical Description and Identification Adults. Maratus, a group endemic to Australia. In the wild, peacocks live on seeds, insects, berries and other nutritious items that can be readily found. Salticidae, Jumping spiders. The peacock prefers to sacrifice not to wait, but to track. Dexterous nets do not form, but protect with the web their refuge. Peacock spiders eat baby crickets and "other small prey". 1. and John A. Endler. Peacock spider is a predator. Peacock spiders are small (2–6 mm) jumping spiders belonging to the genus .