This spout will be put over the hole you made. Bob used a Lincoln Thanks' Jay, Close up of homemade tractor bucket hitch and chain lift unit. All the farm welding projects listed here were either built or have been built by ranchers and farmers. Weld some steel plates together, add a grill grate and start roasting meat on the home-made grill of your dreams. Some of the most commonly asked questions I get through YouTube, and other such places, are from people, usually newer welders, looking to make a little side-money with their newfound metalworking skills... And I've decided to do a mini-series on my channel, probably 4-5-6 episodes, spaced out weekly, each one featuring a simple project idea that could make someone a few bucks. This requires tube steel and some basic tack welding but is sure to impress. Make this out of heavy gauge sheet. Horseshoe Puzzle Welding Project. I remember making Fence Unrollers, three-point carry all's, three point hitch. You'll need a lid that fits tightly on the barrel. He bought the metal (2" square tube on the top bar and 1 1/2" square tube in the interior) at a local metal building supply,and it only coast about $100 in metal in it. See more ideas about ranch tool, welding projects, tractor attachments. table and finish welded all joints with 6010 root with 7018 cover. All made from scrap metal! Use these to make your base for the self feeder farm welding project. cut the square tube to length then squared and used his mig welder to And weld a handle onto it. farm. Here are some easy and more complex ideas if you are looking for something to work on: So what did you think of these farm welding projects, ideas, and plans? Make yourself a ladder as seen in the plans. Then put the grill guard on his weld And then weld them to the 55 gallon barrel. Can't find a lot of pics to look at. This is a nice one that was made by one of our long time subscribers. Well, I have good news. Still struggling with where to put a toolbox or what kind on a BX2670. It was built by William Joyce, (Paducah KY).He built a tractor grill guard for his Case JX 95 tractor from metal he had at his Headache Rack: Build a headache rack for your truck. Send me an email using our contact form and we will put your project on our site, or if you have a project that you need plans for let me know and maybe we can find them or put them up. this electric sleeve hitch for his atv our of scrap angle iron and square First, cut the 1.5 inch pipe into the pieces that will make the cross pieces and the legs for the fuel barrel stand. If you’re a puzzle lover, this classic horseshoe puzzle is the perfect option for you. Find best value and selection for your Compact Tractor Lifting Crane search on eBay. Goodevevening everyone!! square tube to the flat stock. It's used to stretch chain link or other fences. You will notice the free area that is for storage for tool box etc. Welding gym and fitness tools is a cool welding project idea for people that want to sell stuff or for welding … Use hook-bolts or you can use Ubolts to attach the base and the wheel securely. To support the oil barrel, put two pieces of angle iron down and weld them for the supports. Bolted the flat stock to the tractor and tacked the The below listed 70 Cool Welding Project Ideas will help increase your knowledge and understanding of welding fundamentals and techniques. plate, quick attach. Thanks :-). Keep in mind that you can fit them better when you weld them if you flatten the coss piece ends a tiny bit. Easy Welding Projects. Sheet metal pipe: 7 inches of sheet metal pipe 7.5 inches in length. 4 wood plans: 2 inches x 10 inches x 3 feet 2 inches. I can still never get that ring off, but if you follow the instructions, it’s a simple project to make, and you might be brighter than me and get the two apart. Let’s look at some easy welding projects that you can complete with limited experience weldings. 6. Article by Ian Abney. Use the spokes as a support for your barrel which will be approximately ten inches over the base. A rather easy project for beginner welders is the barbecue grill. #25 Metal Trellis. Want to transform some old soda cans into something useful or turn some old lead tire weights into bullets? Showing Livestock Welding Projects Blacksmithing Metal Working Building A House Ranch Album Explore Atv. tractor frame. All of these next projects can be completed by a beginner in an afternoon or less. You will want to have the ends of the flat iron hook on over the crosspieces on the top of your fuel barrel stand, and then weld them in position. Share it. 10.5 foot x 1.5 inch x 1/8" strap iron. should fill the drum with water up to where you will be welding. With this DIY mini-foundry you can begin to turn trash into useful stores of metal. Marked and drilled the flat stock for bolts in the What do you need, or what have you built or are working on? tack the tube. This fence stretcher might come in handy once in a while. You can make your base out of 2 inch x 10 inch wood planks. World's leading marketplace. Here's how to build one: Refer to the parts list (bill of materials) below: See the plans below for exact measurements and details on this farm welding project. Make a Shop Stool Then cut the hub out of it. Jun 12, 2018 - Things I need to build for use around the ranch. I also have some actual plans for farm equipment as well listed below. Get a quality 55 gallon steel drum and use a chisel to cut top out. Hopefully you found them helpful? Used 3x3 square tube and 3/4 by 4 inch flat stock. 2. Don't weld your drum if it held anything flammable. This portaband stand allows you to use your Milwaukee Deep Cut Portable Band Saw as a portable chopsaw and as an upright bandsaw.