[46] On the helicopter, Yami Yugi told Kaiba that he is a separate personality from Yugi. [38], Kaiba took part in the tournament himself, leaving his employees monitor other Duels to find the Egyptian God cards. Occupation Mokuba suggested that they host a tournament at the grand opening of the USA Kaiba Land. [63], Seto and Mokuba made their way to a log cabin in a forest. [10], Noah led the prisoners, claiming to be taking them to an exit. He commented that they were about to find out who the true King of Games is. 카이바 세토 [52], Bakura Ryou was greatly injured after his Duel with Yugi. [11] Seto, Gozaburo brought Seto and Mokuba to a party he threw. To Kaiba's surprise, he somehow knows the dragon's name is Critias. Though Yami himself finds Kaiba's attitude and arrogance quite infuriating. Kaiba used the Duel as a chance to test his Duel Disks. He also left a note saying that their new family couldn't take everything away from them. He found Bakura, Yugi, Joey, Téa and Tristan's bodies lying unconscious on the floor. Zigfried accused Kaiba of being a coward, afraid that someone from Schroeder Corp might win the tournament and become the world champion. He used "Doom Virus Dragon" to destroy Alister's monsters and attack him, but Alister played "Contagion of Madness", making the Duel a DRAW. Apart from Mokuba, Kaiba has compassion for children—especially orphans (as he himself was one and knew what it felt like). He combined it with "Crush Card", forming "Doom Virus Dragon". Since it had the highest ATK, Kaiba got to go first. He advised Kaiba to try and get out because Zorc was about to be revived. [70], Having defeated Seto, Noah turned Seto and Mokuba into stone. The Millennium Eye then lit up and sent a beam at the tablet and showed him visions of Priest Seto and other Ancient Egyptians. Suspecting it might be the 4th "Blue-Eyes", Kaiba visited Solomon's shop and saw the card. [22], Maximillion Pegasus formed an alliance with The Big Five to try to take-over KaibaCorp. Seto won since he had already studied Gozaburo's chess methods. Gozaburo refused at first, but when Seto threatened to tell everyone he backed down from a challenge with a child, he submits. Portuguese Duel Links during this time period. (In the dub, Kaiba says that this is just a hoax by Pegasus. [141] To Kaiba's astonishment, Yugi managed to destroy the three God Cards by repeatedly redirecting the "Lightning Blast" effect of "Slifer the Sky Dragon" back at them in the one turn. In his initial appearance and his first loss to Yami Yugi, he wears a blue standard Domino High School uniform. Their relatives took everything from their will and sent Seto and Mokuba to the orphanage. However Kaiba left them, claiming that he's the one who decides his fate. Although he didn't answer, Ishizhu said that since his fate was influenced by the gods, Kaiba should witness this event with his own eyes (in the dub, she said that although Kaiba won't admit it, he is here to witness the Pharaoh's final rite of passage). When Kaiba discovers that Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi are two different people, Kaiba focuses his rivalry on the latter for past defeats. 蝶 . He entered a hidden computer lab, where he got an update on what Pegasus had done to KaibaCorp. Kaiba also uses a combo of "Saggi the Dark Clown" and "Crush Card", destroying all monsters in his opponent's Deck with more than 1500 ATK, further crippling their ability to defend against him. Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist, Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba, for the most part, could not care less about what they think about him and returns the contempt in kind. Least favorite food During the duel, Yami Marik similarly parallels Kaiba's struggle against Ishizu with his own childhood experience of being stringed and taken down by Ishizu in the past with her Deck. Unable to live with the defeat, Gozaburo committed suicide,[15] but not before he uploaded his mind into Noah's virtual world (in the dub, Gozaburo left in disgrace after the takeover, never to be seen or heard from again until the Virtual World arc).[10]. Kaiba chose "Lord of Dragons" as his Deck Master. Although he didn't answer, Ishizhu said that since his fate was influenced by the gods, Kaiba should witness this event with his own eyes (in the dub, she said that although Kaiba won't admit it, he is here to witness the Pharaoh's final rite of passage). He said that he is not proud of every decision he has made, but they were all made in favor of getting the two of them a better life. She had come into possession of one of the Gods, "Obelisk the Tormentor", while the others were stolen by thieves. [101], At some point, Kaiba sent men to the museum in Florida to find clues regarding the undersea ruins. Mokuba told him that they're having trouble with the last few words, but Kaiba looked at the text in astonishment, finding that he's able to read it himself. One of Seto's recurring traits is his absolute refusal to believe in the magic powers that is often used in the series. He learned that Mokuba was held prisoner on the Duelist Kingdom island and Pegasus will be given shares of KaibaCorp once Yugi is defeated in the Duelist Kingdom tournament. Kaiba told Yugi that his computer had managed to translate "Ra's" effects. [151], Kaiba graciously allowed Sartorius the use of Kaiba Land during a Duel Academy field trip, having no interest how he plans to use it. [119], At the opening of the Kaiba Land Zigfried von Schroeder hacked into the Kaiba Dome's computer system. Yugi then challenged Noah to continue the Duel with him. Personal In the Memory World arc Kaiba's past self, Priest Seto, is introduced. GX [157] During Duelist Kingdom, Kaiba's Magic and Trap cards supplement this strategy by disabling opposing monsters, such as "Shadow Spell" or "Defense Paralysis". Yugi used it to Summon Joey's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from his own hand. Angrily Kaiba said that Yugi can't beat Atem (in the dub, Kaiba said he didn't come this far to see Yugi lose his title to his imaginary friend). (In the dub, Dark Magician Girl told him that he had been chosen to release Critius and instructed him to remove the sword). Zigfried whispered to Kaiba that he dabbles in technology. Yugi returned Kaiba's Deck to him and suggested that they stick together as they are all going to Pegasus' castle, but Kaiba declined. His company Kaiba Corp is responsible for turning Domino City into New Domino City as well the creation of the Turbo Duels, a type of Duel which is only played by either using a "Duel Runner" or a "Duel Board".