Choose a category and we'll help you with the rest. There are also tons of charities that will gladly take your old car off your hands. It can be hard to make decent money with individual books on eBay, as the market is saturated — unless you have high-demand, antique, rare, or signed books. Sell it! Almost every time I go to Goodwill I see vintage picnic baskets, which are quickly snapped up! Wow, that is quite the list. Now that’s thrifty. Since you can find pinecones for free this item is pure profit. This is awesome for those who need to get rid of somethings and don’t want to throw away or donate. And cure the fear of missing out on a bargain with this browser add-on that looks for better deals across multiple online retailers. Buyers may even be willing to drive long distances to acquire specialty vehicles or antiques. Not all Fenton or carnival glasses command high prices. The biggest payday is for certified scuba divers who plunge the depths of water hazards collecting stray balls. Keep your eyes peeled all year round for ugly or funky Christmas sweaters because these babies sell like hotcakes for the holidays. These are worth more if you have the original box, but can also be sold... #2: Disney Items. Barbie clothing and accessories can be sold on eBay separately. If you have an old car that's beyond repair, you could sell it to a … FREE 30-DAY MINIMALISM CHALLENGE PRINTABLE! Many people are making a lot of money selling on eBay. Buyers will pay anywhere from $5 to $20 or more for the original remote that came with their TV, stereo or set-top box. I recently saw that they had some Jadite-style cups and other items for sale at Target for their Hearth and Hand line! (If you're in a more charitable spirit, various nonprofits have sprung up to collect and upcycle some of these items, and we link to those as well.). However, even assorted LEGOs can be sold, even in small lots. If you'd rather donate your eyeglasses, you can do so at New Eyes, OneSight or Eyes of Hope. This is every new welder owner’s favorite project. Common book wear includes wear marks on the spines, bleaching of the cover due to sun exposure, or missing pages. Because phones are so expensive nowadays there is a big market for replacement phone parts and accessories, like cords. Read on to find out how much these seven surprisingly hot-ticket items are worth when you sell them online. Even food items that have been discontinued can sell for a pretty penny. eBay allows the buyer to make 3 offers on one item within a 30-day timeframe. You'll get more money for complete Lego sets, but you can sell off your bricks by the pound if you're not interested in sorting them. New, used, and vintage dresses for prom, quinceañera, or weddings sell great! Vehicle parts and accessories. If you have unwanted leather shoes, those can sell really quickly. You can also donate your preowned Legos to Lego Replay, a program that benefits children's nonprofits. Vroom vroom! Turn your old car into cash flow. We trawled through these popular online marketplaces looking for the unexpected stuff that people are willing to pay real money -- sometimes lots of it -- to take off your hands. If you can find a wicker picnic basket with all the tableware and accessories still inside that can fetch a great price on eBay! . If you have discontinued items you might be sitting on a goldmine. That seller of these less obvious items could very well be you. I converted my Ju-Ju-Be BFF diaper bag into a camera bag (you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands), but I could have just as easily sold it on eBay. I saw one teacup go for over $800! Used toilet rolls. You’ll also get access to other free printables that will help you save money, increase your income, and live the lifestyle of your dreams! A car that you might get $200 or $300 for from a junkyard could turn into $2,000 to $3,000 if parted out. Read more here. eBay Amount of Sold Items … Make money on eBay by learning the ins and outs of set up and shipping, How to Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen with the KonMari Method. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. While you don’t need much stuff to start selling on eBay, having these items around will help keep your profits high and save you time. The more effort you put into sorting your Lego bricks, the more cash you'll be able to get out of them. You get that “brand name” recognition, hahaha. It allows you to check Sold Prices for similar items so that you can see what other people (read, competitors) are charging for the exact same things. *SPECIAL OFFER* I’m SUPER excited to announce my friends Melissa and Rob from Flea Market Flipper are now offering a 75-minute webinar on how to start a profitable flipping business TOTALLY FREE! If you'd rather get paid in good vibes, check out The Crayon Initiative, Crazy Crayons and Crayon Collection. If you have any specialty items that your children used and have outgrown they can be passed on to a new family for a good price. Vintage Levi’s can go for over $100! Look for desirable brands with minimal wear — larger men’s sizes can sell particularly well because men with larger feet often have a hard time finding shoes that fit (look for wide sizes like EEE)! Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I am more familiar with women’s suits and see a lot of Kay Unger, Talbots, Tahari, etc. (Since we all know time is money, that is pretty important.). If you find them while thrifting, refer to competitor listings and make sure you aren’t missing any pieces, like a lid to a dish or bowl, which may reduce the expected price. When I started selling on eBay, I decided to look her up, just to see what she is worth. No joke, these items that you get for free when traveling by plane can be sold on eBay! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They are very popular in Europe — my husband said people in Germany went crazy for them when he was living there. <3, Great post, Marissa… that’s a GRAND list! Anything from replacement seats to engine parts can be sold on eBay. Car phone holder - This is one of the bestselling products on eBay.Car phone holders enable you to use your phone while driving, whether for taking or making calls and even for GPS purposes. See my disclosure policy. Board games can be pretty expensive. Don’t forget to start a prior to snowboarding season! Shoe boxes (like Converse, Nike, Adidas, etc). Desirable bottles include: Same idea as the PNP, if you have a defunct vacuum or upgraded to a new vacuum recently, that old vacuum is worth more in parts than it would be to sell as a whole. Crafters will buy your used crayons by the pound, but you can also donate them to nonprofits. I also sold some wedge-shaped pillows that were meant to be placed under mattresses to help children with reflux issues. A quick search for "Disney VHS" tapes that have been sold is even more telling, revealing selling prices anywhere from a buck to $20 or so. I decided to buy them when they went into the vault and then sell them, but it took too long.LOL! List items buyers are searching for and price them right by looking up current costs and sales trends. There are also charities that will gladly redirect your used eyeglasses to a vision-impaired person in need.