FlexCare has amassed a whopping 1,727 total reviews. They’re all highly rated and you never know which one might be the perfect fit for you. In addition to staffing travel nurses nationwide, Gifted also does a lot of PRN staffing in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We do this for each review source. The following section contains some suggestions that are for finding a nursing service. Their score rose slightly over last. That’s really good! Their scores increased on TNC and HH this past year. We want our list to illustrate how the companies performed over the last year. That brings the total number of reviews on TNC to 10,355. Link to TripSavvy Homepage. Travel Nurses added 740 new reviews on Highway Hypodermics (HH) in the last year. Agencies also provide help for whatever you may encounter as a travelling nurse, for example, help with housing, medical insurance, and client service-related troubles. As always, we hope you found this information useful. Meanwhile, travel nursing companies are pivotal in a travel nurse’s career. A company must have a minimum of 15 new reviews from healthcare professionals in the last year. 5. It’s important to note that some of the companies are now defunct. They’ve been providing exceptional service since 2006. Hours must be included, however not if it is 100 or when the hospital could cancel a couple of changes without getting punished. There are over 300 agencies and reviews are spread across multiple services. The problem is that a significant number of companies have relatively few travel nurses working for them. It is hard to deny the allure of Best Travel Nurse Companies. They received 14 new reviews on TNC with an average score of 98! Discover why travel nurses call BluePipes their “secret weapon” by selecting the button below. They received a bonus because their score improved on Indeed. They were founded in 2001. People commonly refer to this as “review seeding”. Of course, with all this information in one place, there are many interesting insights we can glean. They personnel government agencies like the Department of Defense Medical treatment centres, the VA, Indian Health Services, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We include the other sources for several reasons. First, we find the number of reviews and the average score for each rating service and enter them into our spreadsheet. Speaking of “world class”, I should mention that they are one of the few agencies to have international travel healthcare options as well. They were on TNC’s list in 2018 and 2019. Convergence was founded in 2013 and they’re based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Core Medical Group had a great year. Therefore, we wouldn’t get a clear picture if we excluded them. you obtain a detailed picture of your pay Attempt to go overpay when analyzing reimbursement packages. Triage started in 2006 as a boutique staffing agency focused on placing Radiology professionals. All of this is tough to do when you have a high number of reviews. TNC uses a 100-point scale. Situated in 1999 and According to Little Rock, Arkansas, TNAA is among the firms on our list. It was a mess last year and it seems it’s still a mess this year. Cariant Health Partners is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Additionally, you will have to consider – such as pay, benefits, and overtime – before committing to all those 13 weeks, that’s the mission span. Therefore, it’s often difficult for travel nurses to find a meaningful number of reviews on any one review source. We choose to keep this scoring mechanism private to ensure that our scoring system cannot be easily copied. Well, Google, widely considered one of the best companies in the US to work for, has an average score of 88 (4.4) on Glassdoor and 86 (4.3) on Indeed. Fusion Medical Staffing was on our list in 2017 and 2018. We counted 584 fewer reviews of travel nursing companies on Facebook this year. Their average scores increased on all three platforms. Travelling nurses are registered nurses who are employed in short-term functions at hospitals, hospitals, and other health care centres around the globe. That’s by design. Therefore, travel nurses should check all review sources to get the full picture. Next, we calculate the “Aggregate Average Score”. That means that the remaining 250+ companies split the remaining 30%. They were an honorable mention on HH’s list in 2019. For example, our number 6 and 7 companies are separated by less than .04 of a point. Gifted’s aggregate average score increased from 89.91 last year to 91.78 this year. Find your next travel healthcare job on BluePipes! We cover all licensure fees, physical exams and immunizations you need before you travel. They staff both nurses and therapists. First, we believe that if a travel nursing company is good for travelers, then it’s also good for the internal staff and vice-versa. An online travel agency can easily help you find the best airfare, hotel, cruise, and more. We’ve referred to them as the most decorated travel nursing agency of all time. This qualification ensures some modicum of adequate sample size. This year, we collected all the data between May 18, 2020 and May 31, 2020. They made our listing of the best businesses in 2017 at number 16.