Is this something that he should be concerned about? I don’t believe this woman is able to make a rational decision when it comes to my grandson. However i recently had a baby and im unsure as to what actions her Father will be taking. However, he should go to court and get a parenting plan entered. In the past 2 years I’ve only got to see my girl maybe twice. It certainly sounds like the mother is not a fit parent to have custody of this child. What are her rights. My son is 5 and I have him every Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is great! We purchased a home that each child has their own room, (they dont have that at her house). He is desperately needing advice on how to handle this. She moved to another state so she complains about him not being physically there for the child , but when she stayed in the same state as him he kept his daughter all the time, so of course it’s going to be different since she moved. file for divorce immediately and ask for temporary and permanent custody of the children based on her not having a stable living environment, since you still have the home they had been growing up in. My soon to be ex wife is allowing her finace interferred. The father of my baby, is in an out of his mothers home, she drinks quite often and also the father has a pill habit, he says he is ain’t but he still is, And I don’t feel comfortable with my baby over at his mothers house. We are in California and we are willing to fight for this child. They said his rights have been terminated, how could that be without him knowing? Hiring an attorney to draft a proper Parenting Agreement is important as it will lay out the necessary details of how the kids are raised and who has what responsibilities. You may need to file a petition for grandparent visitation or guardianship (depending on the state). I did go was told my the family facililator to go back to Long Beach Court and continued your case that I had started. What advise do you give us? while we were together i was not working but could try to help where i can. Other than that he is responsible and believes its probably his anyways and is willing to take care of his baby though his ex is crazy and has mental issues and is always fighting him and being mean as hell. She did this 3 times, we were recently suppose to get her for two months so the mother can get back on her feet since she hasn’t been working and she made up an excuse a coupe days before we were suppose to go get her. So, I felt I should give him a try. Like I said , This family doesn’t have much money but are in need of help very desperately in order to get this child out of what seems to be a bad situation. My daughters this year hv sent me msgs asking me to do something. When he met her, she was pulling this same game on her other baby’s father, the only difference is that my son wants to take responsibility if the baby is his. Probably not the best idea to just show up at the hospital, that’s likely to not end well for him if the police show up. She tells the children that I am a loser and both my fiance and I are on drugs. At least once a day. Hello, my fiancée is going through a divorce. The biological father passed away when she was almost 1yrs old so ive been really the only father she knows. I left the day she stabbed me and never went back. So it is on you to provide as much info as possible that you could have been found and notified of the child’s birth easily – like her knowing where you live (haven’t moved in 20-years), have mutual friends, knows where your parents live, etc. My husband recently found her phone number and he text her we have all saved in a folder he text her and told her that peacefully he wanted to solved this situation and told her that if she didnt think he had rights to see hes daughter already that he is paying childsupport so high and is not fair that she havent meet her We just waned peace and like adults solved this situation for this poor little girl to now that she has a daddy that loved her and we cant wait to meet her and we are waiting for her with open arms. I’m trying to understand this child support thing. We went to hes dads house and we staid in the car hoping to see her from far away and we did my husband was so happy but we didnt walk to the house cause hes dad is retired from the army and hes said all the time he will murder my husband we were scared to talk to him. I am currently helping a friend out with his divorce case and i was wondering if someone who knows MN laws could email me. If you think the small amount of money an attorney charges is a big deal, what about the $87,000.00 she is going after you for?! We have a meeting with his attorney next week and he wants his defendant to fight for the children’s custody. – Is there any way to have an attorney for free? There are 2-issues here; dealing with each of you: 1. My job has slowed down so I dont really have the money for a lawyer. Also, the mother is still in college whereas the father has a full time job. Wife moved out of home with kids without my consent. My daughter doesn’t wish for this lifestyle. My wife and I are about to get divorced. The child spends time with both parents right now. She says it is his kid, but refused to let him be at the hospital when the baby was born, therefore he couldn’t get a paternity test done. During multiple of times of us suppose to be getting the baby so he can be in her life too and give the mother a break, she cancels on us and comes up with excuses as why he can’t get her. Would a judge actually force visitation every other week with him living so far? Get a lawyer now, do not play games with this, it is serious, and you must act quickly! It also involves other things, such as extracurricular activities or summer camp. File a Petition to Establish Paternity with the county court, not department of social services (they don’t care about your son at all, they only care about moms and kids). She has refused to take my calls. Remember you love the?? Avoid making the common mistakes that so many fathers make as outlined in this article and others linked within this article and your chances at a positive result will be greatly increased. November 2012. Contact us to speak with a local attorney in your area so that you can help him get the father’s rights you deserve. She will not take the kids to the dr.and will not give him the medicaid card. In most situations, the rights a father has are the same as the mother. Her mom and me couldn’t make the relationship work. However now that his mother and I have broken up she is trying to take him and keep him from me. We want her to live here but the daughter wants doesn’t want to live with the mother or us. I don’t want to go into debt by starting over rent, furniture etc.Do I have the same right to live in my house(we own a house together)as she does? If the mother will not let you be involved in your child’s life for these things, you must go to court and ask for the judge to force her to do so.