Sign-up for our email newsletter and be the first to know about our new products launch, exclusive deals and … Use it as-is to pour over desserts as a quick icing, or mix with some heavy cream in a double boiler for a more formal ganache. To make fancy patterns, fill a plastic storage bag with chocolate and snip a small hole in one corner. You can also get it in many different colors, which you can use for all the holidays celebrated with chocolate (for example, pink and red for Valentine’s day and pastels for Easter). Your email address will not be published. Ghirardelli sauces are made with real chocolate, caramel, and cocoa butter for intense flavor. You can also get it in many different colors, which you can use for all the holidays celebrated with chocolate (for example, pink and red for Valentine’s day and pastels for Easter). Icebox Tiramisu is a mash-up between classic tiramisu and a good old fashioned ice box cake. Or dredge the bacon in the chocolate for a more thorough covering. Wilton Store Chocolate. This recipe is courtesy of Ahmed1 at CDKitchen, and he had very good results using this recipe. Dip Stuff in it: And last but not least, dip just about anything in it, including: One more idea: Do all of these things but use dark and white chocolate swirled together. What other things can you drench in melted chocolate? The Rational Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Chocolate chips have stabilizers that help them keep their shape at high heat. Ice cream topping. a video tutorial for recreating your own choco taco is easy and fun, slices of ice cream wrapped in a homemade waffle cone and dipping in chocolate and nuts. You can find it in most grocery stores these days and definitely online. Learn how your comment data is processed. The more, the merrier. Cake batter: Swirl it into cake and cheesecake batter: pour about half a cup into the center of the batter (already in the baking pan) and use a table knife or cake frosting spatula to swirl. For best results, use a sturdy bag (like a freezer bag). It’s the type of chocolate that’s used for candy making, the kind that you dip truffles and other candies into when melted, but which will have a soft, satiny sheen after it’s hardened. So if you're looking for something easy over something "authentic," melting wafers are hands down the way to go. Toffee. For Easter, use pastel colored melting wafers. Homemade chocolate wafer cookies are THE best cookies for chocolate pie and cheesecake crusts, sandwich cookies, and icebox cakes. Fondue. DIRECTIONS Place the chocolate in the top of a small double boiler, over hot water, on moderate heat. But for best results, you have to add cocoa butter to it (about 5% by weight), and you have to temper it if you want a shiny coating. Frozen chocolate-covered bananas. You don’t need a recipe for this. Sign-up for Ghirardelli Email. Vanilla Wafer Cake. Melting chocolate usually comes in wafer form because wafers melt more easily than large chunks (and probably also so they don't get confused with baking chips. I mentioned it to a broker who showed us another dud of an apartment (more about that if/when we ma…. Did your mom ever make the Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer cake. Instead of baking chips, swirl melted chocolate into batter for a totally different texture. Learn how to choose the right chocolate, melt it properly, and use it to create decadent candies. Chocolate burns very easily, so never give them more than 30 seconds at a time at half 6. Ditch the store-bought, hard-to … Just roll the bananas in the chocolate and freeze on parchment or waxed paper. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer: Which One Is Best For You? Hot Chocolate: Garnish hot chocolate (the beverage) with a swirl. In cookie world, using wafers means you'll end up with thin sheets of chocolate threaded through the dough, instead of self-contained molehills.” Guittard makes chips as well, but we’re fans … Pour it over ice cream. banana cheesecake body and a topping of homemade whipped cream and freshly shaved dark chocolate Find easy, healthy and free recipes on the AARP food channel. Stir well before deciding if they need more time. Pour the melted chocolate over any combination of toasted nuts, seeds, and dried fruit for an easy, elegant treat. Oct 22, 2019 - Explore Dawn Stockwell's board "Nabisco Chocolate Wafer Recipes", followed by 129 people on Pinterest. Thin & crispy gluten free chocolate wafer cookies are rich, chocolatey & perfect for making no-bake warm weather treats like icebox cakes to cookie crusts. But if you buy a good brand, you sacrifice almost nothing in the flavor, texture, or look of the finished product. Not only are chocolate wafers amazing as is, they can be used in many variations. Melt it over toffee bars/blondies just out of the oven in place of chocolate chips. Drizzle. Pour it into these easy-to-use trays to make simple holiday chocolates. Chocolate Icebox Cake — Keep cool this summer with this yummy dessert, prepped for the fridge in just 15 minutes! to help give you the best experience we can. It will harden almost immediately into a delightful candy shell. Here's an easy recipe to try. You can do it in a double boiler, but the easiest way is to put them in the microwave. Fondue. It’s expensive, it always requires tempering, and it can be very fussy to work with. Please share this article: Your email address will not be published. Tempering is a rather complex process of heating and cooling chocolate for candy making. Rich chocolate cookies sandwiched with whipped cream and refrigerated overnight. Chocolate covered bacon. (A Detailed Analysis), Amazon Prime Day: A Primer (To Help You Buy Smart and Get the Best Deals), Save More, Spend Less: A Guide to the Best Food Dehydrators. Toffee bars and Blondies. Leave a comment with your ideas! Remember the Ice Box Cake back in the 60's and 70's? Icing and frosting. Cookware Made in the USA: A Complete Guide, Types of Yeast and How to Use Them (Infographic), The Best le Creuset Dutch Oven Deal Around (Save Big on a New Size! If you want to be fancy, poke a stick in one end and roll in nuts, coconut, cocoa powder, etc.​.