Tone Ninja® is a registered trademark of Skyway International Inc. TonePros® is a registered trademark of TonePros Sound Labs Int'l. Wilkinson WVS 50II K Chrome,Strat "Classic" Sytle Vibrato Bridge Pls find the measurement as belowing,by clicking the photo to enlarge it,the unit is "milimeter" in the measurement photo. Shipment: If you can are from South American or other, Pls contact to us . They were also an option on some Carvin guitars years ago. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. And that stands with what I've read about Wilkinsons too: with a properly smooth nut, they keep guitars in tune. PROROCKGEAR® is a registered trademark of AP Global Enterprises Inc. I've had both of those Wilkinsons and they work quite well. The Wilkinson WVS50IIK is a knife edge vibrato where the front edge is being held in place by two posts that are threaded into two studs (your typical fulcrum spring-balanced knife edge pivoting system). Eagle1, Fret King still offered them brand new up until about 6-7 years ago. I understand has significant tuning issues. I thought the Floyd Rose was the only 2-way locking floating tremolo. Currently looking at two superstrat guitars of the same model on offer, the only difference being one has a. I have a VS50 on a partscaster and It's nothing special. ESP® is a registered trademark of ESP Company, Limited. Wilkinson WVS 50 II K stratocaster guitar tremolo: Electronics. Convertible vs100 went out of production twenty years ago. Wilkinson® is a registered trademark of Wilkinson. (not talking about the nut, bridge only). The lower-end version (VS-50, I think?) With the VS50 once you lock in your intonation it's locked in. The convertibles are not sold in the U.S. but may be sold in England. Peavey® is a registered trademark of Peavey Electronics Corporation. Gretsch® is a registered trademark of Fred Gretsch® Enterprises. I would appreciate it if you could answer questions 2 and 3. Bourns® is a registered trademark of Bourns, Inc. CTS® is a registered trademark of CTS Corporation. Once I lubed up the nut on my RGX-TT, it pretty much stays in tune as well as any Fender I've played. The chart above is the only thing I could find, too. Height adjustment of the bridge is achieved by turning the studs in or out. Wilkinson WVS 50 II K guitar tremolo bridge in Black. Zero Glide® is a registered trademark of Gold Tone Music Group. Alpha® is a registered trademark of Alpha Products Inc. Babicz® is a registered trademark of Babicz Design Ltd. Belden® is a registered trademark of Belden Incorporated. Good luck with your search! Harmony® is a registered trademark of BandLab Americas LLC. Baggs® is a registered trademark of L.R. Shipping: Once payment has been confirmed, your item will be shipped within 2-3 business days.After the packages are shipped, the seller will provide the tracking number to the buyer. Trevor Wilkinson designs a great tremolo, very stable and they return to pitch very well. The second unit you picture is based upon the Mann/PRS trem, which is also more stable than a vintage Fender design, but not quite as nailed down as the VS series. Wilkinson tremolo WVS 50 II K. The most well-known construction of Wilkinson, is clear no jam tremolo on mounting bolts! WD replacement parts are made by or for WD Music Products, Inc. and are not to be represented as products of the following companies unless otherwise noted. The original PRS trem was designed and made by John Mann and it's a very good tremolo, a very well engineered six screw trem. Get the steel block version if you can. All other trademarks, service marks and trade names present on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.