In 1991 the Arctic Treaty was again discussed and agreed with 24 nations that would ban all oil and mineral exploration for the next 50 years and that Treaty came into force from 1998 and will be enforced until a new agreement is made or until 2048. Consequently during the 1980s an intensive campaign effort took place to prevent exploitation of Antarctic natural resources and to promote the designation of the continent as a World Park , based … I take no responsibility for this information and offer it as information only. World Park Base was a non-governmental year-round Antarctic base located at Cape Evans on Ross Island in the Ross Dependency. There are other pengiums that visit here too, the Adelie Penguin, King Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin and Gentoo Penguin. The campaign to save Antarctica was one of our greatest lessons in the importance of impossible ambitions. At an average of 1 860m, Antarctica again adds to this hostile environment by being elevated into the even colder air. – Do you have some? In 1989, the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska undermined any oil company’s argument that drilling in ecologically sensitive areas could be conducted in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. The treaty that was made included that all waste must be removed from Antarctica. Finally the other climatic feature is that the Earth is tilted on it’s axis. Join our fight, and your gift will be matched 5x. 702 H Street, NW, STE 300, Washington, D.C. 20001 | 1-800-722-6995. Humans cannot exist here unaided by technology. However, rules dictated that we would have to set up a permanent base on the ice if we were to have a voice at the Antarctic Treaty table. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent on Earth and has an area of 1 382 943 000 ha (13 829 430 sq. The largest piece of ice to break and float away was the size of Jamaica (B15A). Due to the poor soil and icy conditions it is near impossible for anything too large to exist in the cold darkness of the winter moths. This meant ensuring that knowledge to be gained from Antarctica’s unique environment could be maintained for years to come, a victory for people, penguins, and the environment. World Park status for the Antarctica. (pun and historically accurate! (Here is Chris demonstrating it in Russia at -41°C) The air is so clod that you need to wear a mask over your face and a mouth to stop your eyes from freezing and your lungs from getting frost bite! No non-governmental organization had ever set up a base in Antarctica; there were many obstacles, both political and practical. Of course the now famous Emperor Penguin breeds on the sea ice of the Antarctic and stand against the freezing cold temperature during the darkest months. If you should note that something is wrong please bring it to my attention with a link to where I can find factual evidence for the contrary. Background - February 25, 2010. French scientists even admitted an airstrip violated terms of the Antarctic Treaty. See an ice breaker ship moving through the ice here. Isolated from the sun, and trapped below a thick sheet of ice, these glacial lakes form because of the warms of the Earth’s core forming their own small micro system. We could not stand the cold for very long and there is very little way to create shelter and warmth. The common heritage principle, however, is equally well suited to function as the legal basis for the establishment of a world park in Antarctica. World Park Antarctica declared! Announced in 2011, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin opened on May 24, 2013. Even though Antarctic is a desert, it still manages to support a rich abundance of life. Fungi species grow in these extreme conditions too. It is equally surprising then that for a place that is so white and seems to experience so much violent weather, that the average snow fall per year around 10cm, and precipitation is very low due to the freezing conditions. The World Park Antarctica concept is based on the protection of the Antarctica wilderness values and wildlife, and in the maintenance of Antarctica as a zone of peace, free of all weapons, and devoted to international scientific cooperation. In a message of hope and peace, Antarctica symbolises what can be done when people agree and co-operate together. The illegal fishing trade needs better monitoring, the stopping of whaling in the oceans near the Antarctic World Park needs greater protection and our own awareness of what we are doing to our planet, has been brought about by organisations like Greenpeace and individuals alert enough to realise we need change. The ice is built up over many years to create thick sheets which sit on the land up to an average of 1 829m. National Parks Guy | Exploring National Parks Around the World - They rape and plunder whatever they find - Sea polluted and minerals mined. In 1908 there were seven competing countries claiming parts of Antarctica for themselves, and with all disputes over territory this escalated through to the 1940s and 1950s. Here, the wind has been recorded to gust up to a record of 248.4 km/h. Services . *I have tried to accurately represent facts and figures and give the best information possible listed above. Wildlife, ecosystems, minerals and oil are all protected here and they are protected by 52 countries who have agreed to the Arctic Treaty. What an achievement! On this assumption, they forcefully argue for the designation of the continent as a ‘World Park’, a solution that would better guarantee the preservation of the Antarctic environment. All land and ice south of 60 degrees S is governed by the Antarctic Treaty (1961), which preserves the geography for the scientific study of the health of planet Earth. It is fragile though, and any major intervention here could cause havoc in an ecosystem so delicately placed. This compacts to form large ice sheets which, under their own weight, slide down to the sea.